Nexus 7 draw: The winner revealed


blog You may remember that in October Delimiter launched a new weekly newsletter — containing just the best dozen or so stories each week. To promote the newsletter, we hosted a random draw for one of Google’s new Nexus 7 Android tablets.

Today, we’re happy to announce the winner! An 8GB Nexus 7 is currently on its way to Liam Svenson, a project manager in Victoria. Congrats Liam! Enjoy your new Nexus 7 :)

We’ve got a few bits and pieces around the Delimiter office which have been gathering dust for a while, so we’re looking at holding another competition early next year — stay tuned. In the meantime, let me know what you think of the weekly newsletter — is it a better format than daily for you? Let me know in the comments below :)

Image credit: Google


  1. Does the newsletter give me any benefit over visiting the website daily (on a desktop and mobile/tablet)?

    • Apart from the chance to win a cool tech toy each year, not really. Its just a brief summary of the day’s stories with links to them here. I still find it handy though, as I’m not always reading RSS or sitting at Delimiter hitting F5 :)

      • +1. Some days I just don’t get the chance to visit the site, so the newsletter is a good way of getting a brief summary of the stories.

      • Maybe we should go on a readership-strike, and go picket the Delimiter office until Renai buys us ALL a Nexus 7. #justsaying

        • I keep a shotgun behind the front door and the top window has an ideal sniper viewpoint. Just saying :)

          Wait, have I been playing too much Far Cry 3?

          • OK. So maybe my plan wasn’t such a good idea.

            Maybe I should just possess a rat, climb through some drainage pipes, and break into the Delimiter office myself…

            Wait, have I been playing too much Dishonored?

          • Holy shit. That’s one scary looking rodent! Haven’t played Dark Souls.

            Not only can you possess rats in Dishonored, but the concept of being a ‘Rat Assassin’ is apparently so popular, that it justified this tacky iOS tie-in :)

  2. I always enjoy the daily RSS feed to keep up with the best reviews and news. Weekly does not have enough traction or as much impact. Probably OK for some. Keep up the great work!

  3. @Renai

    I’ve heard the same about Dark Souls, but I just havent gotten around to it. Too many games and not enough time! However your giant rat picture and comments have inspired me to add it to my wishlist :)

    • Oh, don’t worry, I will pester you until you play it :)

      Once you start playing it you will play it for about a year to 18 months. It’s not a short-term commitment. And that’s just the single player :)

      • I’m starting to remember why I may have avoided it in the first place… I’ve already been consumed by so many good RPG’s this year that my brain is hurting from information overload, and I barely have time to sleep.

        I think the only sensible decision is to break up with my girlfriend to make time for more. Or at least have an 18 month break so I can lock myself in a room and play Dark Souls (I’m sure she’ll understand :) )

        • My advice: Dump the other RPGs and play Dark Souls. It will cure you of playing the others — after a while it’s hard to remember why you considered other games good, when they lack the plot, world, gameplay, lore and technical complexity of Dark Souls.

          I find myself casting around in single player mode in other games wondering why there’s no interactivity with other people playing single player, and I’m really surprised now when other games present lore up-front instead of making you search for it.

          For me, most other games have started to pale in comparison. They’re too easy, too simplistic, too repetitive, the singleplayer and multiplayer modes are too separate with no interweaving …

          Dark Souls. It’s a life. Or maybe an (un)death.

          • Dark Souls… GAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, the pain, won’t someone stop the PAIN!!! And they say a tougher version is in the works!

            After being handed my rear underplate too many times I retreat to my heavily (ahem) modded Dragon Age Origins, slink into camp, pat the dog and weep on Morrigan and Lelianas (ahem) shoulders until I go to sleep and dream of………DARK FREAKIN’ SOULS!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • …still even Dark Souls is less painful than dreaming of Dragon Age 2…but only the REALLY masochistic warriors would venture into that cesspit of gaming misery (sorry Bioware, but you know what you did and don’t do it again, grrrrr)…

          • I have to say, after finishing it 6-7 times, Dark Souls is a breeze now — you just got to learn how to move your character the right way, and the set movements of the bosses, and things become much easier :)

            I am waiting with bated breath for Dark Souls 2!

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