Launceston city now has total NBN coverage


news Launceston has become the first city in Tasmania to be declared ready for service on the NBN network, with all suburbs now “ready for service”, NBN Co has announced.

Claiming Launceston is now “one of the most connected” regional cities in Australia, the firm said its data indicates that around 40,000 suburban premises can now sign up for an NBN service in Launceston.

“The rollout occurs suburb-by-suburb – and for urban Launceston, all suburbs are now declared ‘ready for service’,” said NBN Co’s Corporate Affairs Manager Tasmania, Russell Kelly. “It means that residents and businesses in urban Launceston can contact a retail service provider and order an NBN service.

This “tremendous opportunity” for Launceston, she said, will open up the potential for “growth and innovation” for residents and business using NBN services.

“Declaring urban Launceston ready for service also marks the completion of a major rollout effort by NBN and its delivery partners,” Kelly added.

Meanwhile, the NBN continues to roll out across the greater Launceston area, and further into the north east of the state, with the continued building of fixed wireless towers.

Remote and regional areas in the north east can already access the NBN through services over the Sky Muster satellite service, NBN Co said.

The construction milestone comes just a week after NBN Co revealed that the network had now passed three million premises ready for service across Australia.

Just days before that announcement, NBN Co revealed that it had exceeded its “core” targets for financial year 2016.

“In FY2016 we reached significant milestones for our business, achieving 2.9 million premises ready for service and more than one million users on our NBN network,” said NBN CEO Bill Morrow.

According to Senator Mitch Fifield, Federal Minister for Communications, the NBN is expected to be available to 5.4 million premises by 30 June of next year and over 9 million premises by 30 June 2018.

Image credit: NBN company


  1. We’ll return to Launceston’s NBN every year to see the resulting “growth and innovation”.

  2. They have slapped up faulty insecure junk. Not rolled out what was originally intended.

    Wait for the complaints to come rolling in to the people who have no idea.

    600ms latency is completely and utterly unusable. And such timeouts ISP’s will blame the modem and the faulty trash wireless of course as they currently do when there is problems with the faulty copper.

    Way to go killing businesses.

  3. Oh Mal must have meant MTM – 25Mbps to all in Launcestion by 2016 at a cost of $29.5B…

  4. Oh Mal must have meant MTM – 25Mbps to all in Launceston by 2016 at a cost of $29.5B…

    • Updated in 2013 after the Strategic Review in 2013 and updated further in CP 16 both well before the 2016 election.

      Please catchup, everyone else in Australia interested in the NBN has.

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