NBN in Tasmania “58% complete”


news NBN Co has announced that passing of a “major construction milestone”, with over half of Tasmanian premises now being able to connect to broadband services over the NBN network.

The company said that both the recent launch of the Sky Muster satellite service and a “major construction surge” in 2016 has are responsible for the development.

“The construction effort in Tasmania is at its highest activity level of the build so far,” said Russell Kelly, NBN Co’s Corporate Affairs Manager Tasmania. “We are connecting more premises than ever before, and doing it more quickly than ever.”

“Most communities in Tasmania will see some form of activity from the NBN during 2016,” he added.

As of 30 June, 162,472 premises in Tasmania could connect to services over the NBN network “across all technology platforms”, NBN Co said.

Sky Muster satellite services – being made available where cable networks are not practical or commercially viable – account for another 17,000 Tasmanian premises.

In total, those figures mean around 58% of the NBN network is now complete in Tasmania, with the remainder now either in the planning stage or under active construction.

Tasmania now has 77,810 premises that have signed up for services over the NBN network – a 96% increase compared with the same time last year, NBN Co said.

In recent weeks, parts of Evandale, Howrah, Tranmere, Rokeby and Oakdowns have become the first places in Tasmania to receive Fibre to the Node (FTTN) technology.

The fixed-line rollout is continuing in Hobart and Launceston, and commencing in areas such as Devonport, Tranmere and Howrah, Bicheno, Burnie, Cambridge, Dodges Ferry, Exeter, Legana, New Norfolk and Westbury, according to NBN Co.

The NBN’s fixed wireless coverage is also rolling out via a string of towers to regional Tasmania.

“The construction effort is an important step toward the national goal of connecting eight million premises to services over the NBN network by 2020,” the company said.

Image credit: NBN company


    • 5.5%, assuming 17,000 premises in total will be satellite.

      58% of the total number of premises we’re told is 162,472 + 17,000 = 179,472.

      Therefore, 100% is around 309,434. 17,000 is around 5.5% of that total.

      There’s a fair bit of FW, due to terrain and how spread out some areas are. Most south of Hobart would be FW.

      • I assumed they meant they had 17k people signed up on it (from the 77,810 total that they said have a connection), as technically the whole of Tas could be “satellite RFS” and “done” otherwise.

        • The context of the 3 paragraphs starting with “As of 30 June,…” is referring to “could connect to services”, as in currently available. This would include those which have already been connected and those which haven’t but can be.

          The satellite paragraph is pretty specific: “made available where cable networks are not practical or commercially viable”, therefore it doesn’t cover the whole of Tasmania.

          The number of people signed up starts from “Tasmania now has 77,810 premises that have signed up for services …”.

          One nitpicky strangeness I’ve just noticed, the article mentions “162,472” across “all platforms” who can be connected, then goes on to imply satellite is in addition to the “162,472”. I assume satellite wasn’t included in “all platforms” due to it not requiring any more construction in Tas.

          • The article is poorly written, researched &/or proof read.

            A number of inconsistencies exist in this article, that either proof-reading, obtaining clarification from nbn, or adding in Editor-notes,(“the following has inconsistencies, but nbn declined to clarify the data/quotes presented” etc.) could’ve rectified.

            Later, RIPP.

  1. More GimpCO Spin and lies. Like TurDbull guaranteeing that most of Tasmania will be completed with fiber and before the end of 2015 and honoring all existing contracts. ROFLMHO

  2. ARTICLE QUOTE: “Sky Muster satellite services – being made available where cable networks are not practical or commercially viable – account for another 17,000 Tasmanian premises.”

    So Fixed Wireless is a cable,(fixed line) network now?

    Or are you trying to say in areas where there are no backbone cables? Because the West Coast people were to be screwed over to Satellite even though they had backbone fibre cables to their region, that were also commercially viable.

    Later, RIPP.

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  4. Stage One of the trial rollout in Tasmania was announced in July 2009 with the first customers connected one year later.

    Seven years later and it’s only 58% complete.

    NBN Co couldn’t build a brick shithouse.

  5. Hmmm, something is a bit off today, so as to speak.

    Is there something that NBN Co, is not providing full disclosure of?

    Do I detect a bad stench of rotten propaganda in the air?

    2016 NBN Co., public announcement :-

    “As of 30 June, 162,472 premises in Tasmania could connect to services over the NBN network “across all technology platforms”, NBN Co said. ”

    “Tasmania now has 77,810 premises that have signed up for services over the NBN network”

    I do recall, Tasmania has a lot of drive by FTTP cable. The bankrupt primary contractor, literally had not been paid the cash to install the final connection point to the actual premises.

    In 2014, here is what they didn’t add to their report of 2016, a small matter of the end user cost of the final connection to the FTTP cable.

    “The NBN has scaled back its original fibre-optic rollout to 225,00 premises, and is instead looking at a mix of technologies involving fibre optic and existing copper wires.”

    “Ms Giddings said the Federal Government now wanted to charge homes and businesses $6000-00 to connect to the NBN.”

    link: http://www.themercury.com.au/news/tasmania/labor-backs-angry-nbn-contractors/story-fnj4f7k1-1226848674691

    NBN Co, propaganda stench is very bad today. Do they have an actual EPA license to release toxic really bad smelling propaganda?

  6. In the meantime over in the U.K. BT are now under the real threat of having to split Openreach.

    In a report from the Culture, Media and Sport Committee concluded:

    “BT is “significantly under investing” in Openreach, its infrastructure. the Committee concluded the shortfall in investment could potentially be hundreds of millions of pounds a year. BT has exploited its position to make strategic decisions that “favour the Group’s priorities and interests” and is likely to have sacrificed shareholder value and customer benefit as a result. Capital investment in Openreach has been broadly flat since 2009 until this year, and quality of service remains poor.”

    BT must put house in order or face split

  7. In the meantime over in the U.K. BT are now under the real threat of having to split Openreach.

    The connection to the Tasmanian NBN rollout is what?

      • Gotta love him don’t you Hotcakes…

        The first person to go off on a UK rant, at a mere sniff of him being embarrassed by his own ridiculous contradictions…. is asking about pertinence?


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