NBN Tasmania details Hobart, Launceston rollouts


The Federal Government today said it had made a capital injection of $100 million into the Tasmanian arm of the National Broadband Network Company in order to facilitate the rollout of optic fibre to the cities of Hobart, Launceston, Burnie and Devonport.

The urban implementation will constitute stage three of the NBN rollout in the state, with the first two stages to focus on longhaul backbone links and connecting up rural communities.

Communications Minister Senator Conroy said in a statement issued this morning that the first stage of the rollout – to the townships of Smithton, Scottsdale and Midway Point – was “well underway”, with those communities “on track to start receiving services from July this year”.

“NBN Tasmania will soon invite residents of these communities to attend community forums, to provide information on the NBN and how it will benefit them,” Conroy added.

“In total, the first three stages of the NBN will target 100,000 premises in Tasmania, including homes, businesses, schools and hospitals, which will receive high speed broadband. Detailed design work is now underway for Stage 3 with 40,000 premises in Hobart, 30,000 in Launceston and 10,000 in each of Burnie and Devonport to have access to superfast broadband via optic fibre.”

The sites were chosen by NBN Tasmania in coalition with partner Aurora Energy, which is helping to rollout the network. Conroy’s statement said that details of further stages would be released as deisgn and construction work progressed for the initial rollout.


    • It’s a bit of a mess at the moment due to the Federal campaign and weather (makes it more annoying to deal with trenches, etc.). I suggest you contact Digital Tasmania. Far as I know the copies of the maps they have are still current. There’s been some ‘rejigging’ of Stage 2, hence no knew maps for a while. AFAIK.


    • Yer welcome. From memory, originally Stage 2 would hook in main cities, as detailed in this article. That was then thrown out and the emphasis now is on smaller towns without ADSL2+ style capabilities. So if you;re major metro, you’ll be SOL for a while still. I was down the other end of the table during this discussion last month and missed most of it (a monthly luncheon of Hobart’s geeks).
      But yeah, DigiTas is the go. Andrew’s done a fair bit of radio work on ABC. Knows the topic pretty well.

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