NBN “exceeding targets”, says Government


news The Federal Government has said that the National Broadband Network rollout is “exceeding its connection and financial targets”, following the release of NBN Co’s latest full-year results.

Suggesting the results are “evidence of the benefits of the Coalition’s faster, more affordable” NBN rollout, Finance Minister Mathias Cormann and Communications Minister Mitch Fifield said in a joint statement:

“The NBN has now hit each of its targets for nine consecutive quarters – an unbroken run for over two years, and shows that the Coalition’s multi-technology mix NBN is enabling more Australians to experience the benefits of high-speed broadband as quickly as possible.”

According to the Ministers, NBN Co had a target of 2.632 million homes ready for service and beat that target by “over a quarter of a million premises”. Further, it had a target of 955,000 premises activated – a figure it exceeded by “over 100,000 premises”.

“This level of revenue growth could only be achieved because the NBN is being connected to more premises, more quickly than ever before,” the pair said.

The almost 1.2 million paying customers now on the NBN network is up from just 51,000 customers connected to the built network when Labor was in charge of the rollout, he said, adding: “more than 20 times as many customers in less than three years.”

The pair went on to say that the Government has instructed NBN Co to continue rolling out the network “as economically as possible”.

“This is in sharp contrast to Labor’s latest broadband policy that would have added $8 billion more to the cost of the NBN network – a cost that would have hit every family’s monthly Internet bill,” they said.

The Ministers concluded by saying that more than a quarter of Australian homes and businesses can now access an NBN service, and the company is aiming to reach “almost half of all households by mid-2017”.

Labor has criticised the Government’s statement on the NBN latest figures, saying that the national broadband network is “hardly on target”.

The two Coalition Ministers’ “glowing interpretation” of the NBN results stands in “stark contrast to the real-world experiences of millions of Australians who continue to be denied access to high quality and affordable broadband,” said Michelle Rowland, 
Shadow Minister For Communications.

Image credit: Parliamentary Broadcasting


  1. This is in sharp contrast to Labor’s latest broadband policy that would have added $8 billion more to the cost of the NBN network – a cost that would have hit every family’s monthly Internet bill

    Lol so adding $27B from there own figures is as economically as possible.

  2. Australia and NBN’s mission statement circa 2016

    “Unlike the original NBNCo which strove for a future ready telecommunications network with the associated aggressive timetable – a network which was the envy of the world… in 2016 we “Team Shtraya and NBN™ amble aimlessly towards FRAUDBAND mediocrity, of which the world now laughs at… and we are so completely inept and clueless, that we still can’t even fucking achieve that”…

    There fixed that for you Mitch and Mathias.

    You’re welcome

    • @ HC

      135 days to go (now 133)…

      But they are exceeding both “connection and financial targets”, so they tell us, HC.

      So obviously, it will be 25Mbps to all Aussies for less than $29.5B, achieved before the 133 days are up…

  3. They’ve exceeded their spiteful sabotage DSL target. To make sure people continue to suffer for decades for sure.

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