Telstra to offshore over 170 more jobs, says union


news Telstra is planning to offshore over 170 more jobs, according to the Communication Workers Union (CWU).

The news comes less than a month after the telco announced it would be cutting 326 positions from its contact call centres.

The CWU said Telstra has given notification that it proposes to bring about changes that will see “a range of billing and credit management functions outsourced and offshored”.

The changes in the firm’s Global Financial Services division will mean a net loss of 204 roles (including some that are currently vacant), with 139 of those to be sent abroad, the union said.

Another 35 posts will be offshored from Complex Billing Solutions in Telstra Service Operations.

The CWU, which was notified on 5 August, indicated it has not yet met Telstra to discuss the proposals.

“Obviously, though, the union deplores a workforce strategy which is clearly being driven simply by a relentless search for cheap labour irrespective of its impact on individual employees, on their families and on Telstra’s own service quality and standing in the community,” the CWU said.

The union suggested members affected by these proposals should contact their state branches for advice and support.

In July, Telstra announced it was to offshore 326 jobs from its call centres – a move that was strongly criticised by the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU).

The decision showed that the company is “putting profits before customers and staff”, the union said.

“This is a devastating blow to these [326] workers, who Telstra is throwing on the scrapheap,” said Teresa Davison, Director of CPSU’s Science and Communications Division, at the time.

“Customers pay top dollar for Telstra services and as tax payers we’re giving millions of dollars to Telstra to roll out the NBN, yet the company continues to undermine the quality and reliability of its services by callously sacking Australian workers,” she said.

Image credit: Telstra


    • (Overseas) Jobs and Growth.

      These countries must be really appreciative of our boost to their economy.

  1. Apart from the annoying saturation ads during the Olympics, what do their higher service costs get you? There is no Australian service and their network isn’t that reliable.

    And what the hell does “Thrive On” mean?

    When they were originally allowed to expand off-shore we all thought it was to provide products and services overseas – not jobs.

  2. Great to see Telstra optimising its workforce for both cost and productivity.
    There is so much dead wood in Telstra left over from the pre privatisation years…

  3. Phoning them to do anything these days is bloody useless anyway! Every call I have made to them in the last year and a half have ALL gone off shore and they have stuffed me around NO END! Took ME 8 months to sort out their last stuff up! Have been with them for 25 years but defiantly looking around next month when my contract is up. They are not supporting their Australian workers or customers anymore! It’s every man for himself quite obviously! ?

  4. How can Telstra say that it is supporting Australia, even though this is where its profits are coming from.
    Maybe we should be able to bill Telstra for lost income when their services are down. they don’t seem to lose any profits by slowing their service and blowing out the NBN charges.

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