Atlassian announces massive revenue jump


news Atlassian, the Sydney-founded provider of team collaboration and productivity software, has announced a spike in revenue in its latest financial results.

In figures released for the period ending 30 June 2016, the firm said that total revenue for the fiscal year (on an IFRS basis) was $457.1 million, up 43% from a figure of $319.5 million in FY2015.

For the fourth quarter, total revenue was $127.6 million – an increase of 39% from $91.8 million for the same quarter in FY2015.

“Fiscal 2016 was a landmark year for Atlassian,” said Scott Farquhar, Atlassian’s co-CEO and co-founder. “Over the past year, we grew revenue to more than $450 million, added over 12,300 net-new customers, generated over $95 million of free cash flow and completed a successful IPO.”

The firm’s latest financial results also revealed that Atlassian’s operating loss was up to $11.4 million for the fourth quarter of FY2016, compared with $3.3 million for same quarter in the previous financial year.

Net income for the fiscal year was $71.3 million in 2016, compared with $45.5 million for FY2015. While net income per diluted share came to $0.35, compared with $0.28 in FY2015.

Cash flow from operations for the fiscal year was $129.5 million, while capital expenditures came to $34.2 million, producing a free cash flow of $95.3 million, an increase of 45% year-on-year.

Atlassian also said it ended the fourth quarter of FY2016 with a growth in its customer base, and now has 60,950 active subscriptions or maintenance agreements – a 25% increase over June 30, 2015. Over 3,500 net new customers were added during the quarter, it said.

“We are still early in our growth trajectory and expect fiscal 2017 to be another great year for the company,” Farquhar said.

For fiscal year 2017, Atlassion said it is expecting total revenue to be in the range of $592 million to $602 million, with a gross margin of approximately 81% on an IFRS basis.

Operating margin, meanwhile, is expected to be approximately 10% on an IFRS basis.

In the report, Farquhar added that the firm is “excited” about the recent acquisition of StatusPage, its first acquisition as a public company.

“StatusPage is a standout company in its category and is a natural extension of the software development and IT operations processes where Atlassian is a leader,” he said.

StatusPage allows enterprise customers to communicate the status of their services, such as incidents, performance data, and scheduled maintenance, to customer.

Atlassian said it plans to “accelerate” StatusPage’s offering with “future integrations across Atlassian’s collaboration portfolio”.

Image credit: Atlassian


  1. While still slapping myself for turning down a job with them some years ago – to end up in what turned out to be a corrupt sweatshop, but I digress, life’s little lessons and so on – I do have to say they are one of the rare companies that I wish only the best on.

    Their tools can be a PITA to get set up right and it can involve cursing and tears, but when you’re done they just work and they are a joy to work with and flexible enough to take into areas beyond their original goals (Bamboo!)

    I do hope some recent decisions at the corporate level – tools support, EOL issues – which have met with some criticism among users, are just balancing exercises and not signs of a long-term trend of offering less for more money, for the almighty “shareholders”.

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