Telstra apologises for further network disruption


news Telstra has apologised to customers for disruptions to services since last week, and offered advice to those still suffering issues.

Since last Thursday, the firm said, some of its NBN and ADSL customers have experienced disruptions to voice and data services.

Telstra explained that there had been a fault with a device that manages the interaction between its network and the different types of modems used by customers.

The issue commenced late on Thursday night and was restored “from a network perspective” on Friday afternoon, said Kate McKenzie, Chief Operations Officer, Telstra Operations, in a company post.

“[D]ue to the complexity of the issue it took some time to identify, but once we did we were able to isolate the problematic device and start restoring individual services,” she said.

Apologising for the disruption, McKenzie added that it took time to identify the cause of the disruption, which it impacted customers “in different ways at different times”.

Key to this variation was the type of modem used by individual customers and the environment that it was operating in, she said, adding: “This made the fix on this occasion longer and more difficult.”

While addressing the root failure resolved the underlying issue for most customers automatically, subsequently Telstra discovered that some customers’ modems continued to experience connection problems.

The firm advised customers still with problems to restart their modem, which fixed “the vast majority of the remaining connection issues”.

However, there remain a small number of customers still experiencing connection issues, according to McKenzie.

Customers with Telstra TG587, TG797 or TG799 modems that will not reconnect to the network after a restart, should visit the firm’s step-by-step guide to resetting their modem.

Customers who still have problems after this process should contact Telstra on 133 933 (ADSL) or 1800 834 273 (NBN) for further assistance with troubleshooting the issue.

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  1. Maybe they should have listened to the people who were telling them this was their problem days ago. But I guess you have to have customer support staff with a clue and they cost more than script following cheap offshore labour.

    That said, TPGs offshoring of iiNet calls, blooding hopeless. Was swapping a non tech friends fetch box for them with the new one and it hadn’t been enabled. Total BS from the support staff. Trying to pretend that the fetch tv network was down for all customers and should be ok tomorrow. I put it straight to them that they didn’t know what a fetch tv box was. Eventually after talking to their supervisor they were able to admit they didn’t and had only been there a week and could I call monday so I got local support…

  2. I changed my modem as soon as the problem started happening, that fixed it for me. I’ll do the update just so I have a replacement modem but the Telstra one was starting to give me the sh*ts. Some of my network devices wouldn’t connect properly. No issues with the replacement one I connected.

  3. Fails the smell test!

    Apologies my A*****************!

    To me a full apology is one that replaces all the defective TG’s in service with the better quality superior by a long mile “Draytek” units.

    • Telstra has never and would never supply Draytek units, they only supply rubbish OEM stuff so they can put their stupid logo on it and charge a premium for older technology crap that wouldn’t sell in the real world.

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