Optus restructuring could see up to 480 jobs lost


news Optus has announced plans to restructure its Consumer and Enterprise divisions that will lead to hundreds of jobs being lost.

The changes are intended to drive the firm’s transformation strategy and reshape its operations to boost sustainable growth, Optus said in a statement.

However, it added that they also “require Optus to reshape its workforce with the skills required in an increasingly digital world and to invest in the capabilities required to bring ideas to market more quickly”.

As a result, Optus said it will make “a number of roles” redundant. A large number of media outlets late yesterday reported the figure as being as high as 480.

Optus further said it plans to “consult directly” with affected employees to explore ways to mitigate the impact of these changes, including seeking opportunities for redeployment.

The telco explained that the proposed changes are required to create a structure that allows the business to operate as a “highly integrated, innovative and content-driven multi-media brand”.

Customer service functions will be streamlined by simplifying systems and processes, “multi-skilling” front-line staff, and speeding up the resolution of customer issues.

New working practises are planned to enable Optus to bring new products, services and innovations to market more quickly, and enable Optus to reshape its workforce with the skills required in an increasingly digital world.

“These changes will see the creation of a new customer service model which involves simplifying Optus’ billing and customer care systems, reducing customer handoffs, and ensuring customers get a more consistent experience, no matter how they choose to engage with us, or how many accounts they have with Optus,” the firm said.

The plans are also aimed to enable its in-store, online and telesales teams to collaborate more effectively, with the ultimate aim of improving customer relations.

The changes will also see Optus Business, and the Wholesale and Satellite divisions “rationalise roles and optimise resources in response to the increasingly competitive trading environment”, the company added.

The announcement follows a strategy put in place 12 months ago, aimed to strengthen and grow Optus’ core communications business.

Image credit: Optus


  1. Good.
    There is still so much dead wood left in both Optus and Telstra from its pre-privatisation days, it’s crazy uneconomical.
    Telcos can’t keep maintaining a lazy workforce that constantly whinge and waiting for golden handshakes.

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