Sources claim Oracle has completely dumped its Australian support centre


blog Regular readers may recall that The Register published an article in November last year claiming that enterprise technology giant Oracle was offshoring its Australian support centre.

Over the past week, Delimiter has made some investigations seeking to confirm this report.

At this stage, we are not able to present conclusive evidence that this is happening. While a number of sources have sent Delimiter information and comments on this topic, we have not yet seen verified evidence that the offshoring is occurring. We have contacted Oracle directly about the issue, but the company has not issued a statement nor commented in public about the matter.

However, Delimiter has been contacted by several sources who have firmly stated that The Register’s report is accurate, and that Oracle has indeed completely offshored its Australian support centre in the past month.

We present two separate comments from different sources without comment, in the hope that these comments will help readers be more informed about this developing situation:

“Oracle has abolished support centres in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom, this represents the majority of experienced Support Engineers in Oracle Support outside of the United States.”

“In place of these OECD retrenchments (most occurred in early January) Oracle has repositioned three global support centres in Low Cost centres in the India (Bangalore, Punai, Mumbai) and Bucharest Romania. A new US based support centre filled with Indian visa workers is being planned in the outer suburbs of Salt Lake City.”

“Oracle HQ & local HR been explicit to ex employees in not communicating to customers or other staff about the changes and has made it part of the conditions of their retrenchment packages.”

And a second source claimed:

“Oracle closing Australia support … Not a rumor. It’s done. Closed Jan 16. Some opted to take immediate redundancy others like me are on ‘garden leave’ i.e. still on the payroll, no work, terminating on Feb 16. But no-one has been working in the support centre since Jan 16.”

I’d like to note at this stage that we will offer Oracle complete right of reply in response to the comments from these sources. If Oracle comes forward with a statement denying the claim that it has dumped its Australian call centre and offshored the jobs, Delimiter will print that statement in full and give it prominence to ensure readers are fully informed.

Image credit: Oracle, Creative Commons


  1. It is true Oracle has dumped all of it global support team in Australia. Officially they will be no longer mid Feb…

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