Report: Oracle may be dumping its Australian support centre


blog Spend a lot of time calling Oracle’s Australian support centre for those pesky database support enquiries? Well, if a report late last year and mutterings this week around the traps are any indication, you could shortly be speaking to someone in somewhere like Romania instead. El Reg reported in late November that Oracle was at that stage axing its UK software support centre, with the jobs to go to Romania instead. And Australia was next on the list. El Reg reported (we recommend you click here for the full article):

One source, who asked not to be named, said support centres around the world are closing under global ‘rationalisation’ plans. “Egypt closed a couple of weeks ago. Various European centres closed a couple of months ago, such as Switzerland. France was recently told it will close by end of March, Australia closing by end of February …”

Your writer has heard a few bits and pieces with regard to Oracle’s Australian workforce this week, but so far nothing has been confirmed in terms of hard information, and Oracle’s local spokesperson hasn’t yet called us back to discuss the issue. If you have further information, we’d encourage you to get in contact via Delimiter’s secure anonymous tips form. We’d be keen to know precisely what Oracle is planning for its Australian support centre and if any jobs are set to disappear. Uncle Larry probably won’t be particularly keen on us investigating this matter — but that just makes it more fun ;)

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  1. I’m still to be convinced this is A Bad Thing. For example, needing some clues about a not-so-obvious perceived problem with Lotus Word Pro, I tried their support center… As with Adobe and a number of others, the Lotus Forums were a MUCH BETTER resource. (As usual, the Word Pro problem was PEBKAC.) Seriously, I cannot recall any problems which were actually fixable by a Company Rep :)

    But I bet Oracle is not soon going to pass the $$ savings on to us!

  2. Worth noting that oracle bought Sun some years ago, and I’m aware or a couple people still paying their old sun support contracts on some old hardware that oracle now services.

    So it isn’t all about oracle DBs!

  3. All corporations will continue doing this. They will aggressively cheap-shore wherever and however possible. They have to. This will not stop unless dictated otherwise by law. If we don’t like it we should choose more expensive on-shore companies. But I don’t see this happening.

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