NAB bets the farm on Oracle


blog We knew the National Australia Bank was keen on software from US technology giant Oracle, but until now we didn’t know just how keen. But a stellar article on the bank’s infrastructure strategy by CIO has exposed this, courtesy of some leaked information and a great deal of research. We recommend you click through and read both pages (the first, the second and the third) as there’s a great deal of info here about NAB’s IT infrastructure.

“… there are the Oracle clustered databases (11g RAC) and Oracle business intelligence … And, at a higher level, shared WebLogic installations provide application PaaS. The higher-level software is a mixture of software Oracle now owns following its acquisition of BEA and Sun, including Tuxedo and JRockit. NAB is also deploying a number of Oracle banking applications in the Flexcube suite … A Web front-end portal sits along side the Oracle identity and risk management solutions.”

Wow. Sounds like Oracle Australia MD Ian White must be pretty happy with NAB. Our only question is: What happens if Oracle decides to raise prices, or lock its customers into a restrictive proprietary standard? But Oracle would never do that. Right? Right?

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  1. Sounds like a monoculture … I prefer a little biodiversity in my IT. This won’t have me rushing off to nab to open an account anytime soon :) (whereas their “break up” campaign might have)

    • I had a credit card with NAB a few years back and liked the service I got … but I always knew they were a little too evil as a corporation ;)

  2. If I was Oracle I would be hoping that people didn’t associate my company name with NAB’s technology right now!

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