Truth: The MTM NBN business case is unravelling by the day


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  1. The NBN company — and its consulting firm advisors — highly underestimated the amount of money and time that would be involved in extending and upgrading the copper and HFC cable networks owned by Telstra and Optus to ensure that they could be integrated into the NBN network.

    The reviews conducted by Turnbull’s cronies are quite simply blatant fraud and all involved, including Turnbull, should be prosecuted after a full royal commission into their corrupt activities is held!

  2. Copper cheerleaders at GimpCo in disarray. Flimsy policy demolished by facts we warned about but ignored. Will heads roll? Probably not, coalition clowns with insufferable political egos have a point to prove that is more important than the Australians who were suckered by the charade.

  3. My fear is the while they have the reins the LNP are deliberately increasing the cost of returning to FTTP, just to try and justify Malcolm Turnbull’s Mess.

    • A fear based on fact, unfortunately. Facts that were plainly obvious the moment the LNP policy was published in April 2013.

  4. More truth: the ABC still hasn’t covered this. Doesn’t that mean it’s partly responsible for the wastage??

    • You forgot the last person who was covering it and in depth got an “unofficial” gag order ever since the whole “budget cu… ermm I mean efficiency review”

    • No one is really covering this – the Guardian has demonstrated they are either unwilling to or incapable of covering the topic, so they’re not even bothering.

    • ABC are covering the fibre overbuild issue, later than Delimiter did, but at least they’re covering it:
      In a week or two they may cover the copper remediation as well.
      I think the fibre overbuild issue is bigger than copper remediation as it provides early indications that nbnco may well try to operate just like Telstra. We (Delimiter readers) all knew copper remediation would be an issue with the MTM, and could probably have accurately predicted the political reactions to it being pointed out.

  5. I thought the 1800 km of Copper was just the first order and that NBN Co expected to make further purchases as the project progressed…

      • Yes, and only for copper between the exchange and nodes. Not 1% of that copper is to be used for last mile remediation.

        • Plus with the distance between the node to pillar is an average 350m poeple will be lucky to get above 50Mbps with those increase distances

    • Its also the 100/200 strand cable too so its not like its for anything from pillar to the home (which is where a lot of people with bad connections have issues as that is the pair cabling).

      • I am really interested with what they intend on doing about all those houses on pair-gains.

        They are going to have to run a whole lot of new lines to a bunch of properties.

  6. Cost blowout. Government imploding. That is it. Their time to defend Murdoch is running out.

      • They will, it takes time to get the proper twist on reality and perform brain washing on oneself. He will be in eventually with some warped apologist posts.

  7. People should file a class action case against them. This hasn’t really helped decide where to buy a house at all. Some areas in sydney with FTTP are way too expensive now and i’ll be forced to move back to telephone lines from cable.

  8. When you can’t defend anymore, just blame Labor. That is how they plan on winning the next election.

  9. Is it that serious, Renai? We need you to be careful in your wording.

    Looks like it is.

    Part of me wanted the MTM to be partially successful, so we would have something to work with. So ordinary people in blackspots would get improved services they are quite ready to pay for, if only a government-sponsored program was effective. These are such grave concerns that….

    I am appalled at the scale of the swindle that has been perpetrated. I feel sick.

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