Wyatt Roy’s innovation policy hack day will be Saturday week in Sydney


blog Remember how Assistant Minister for Innovation Wyatt Roy publicly discussed the possibility of holding an innovation policy ‘hackathon’ to generate new policy ideas to help develop Australia’s economy into an innovation powerhouse? Well it’s already organised, and it’ll be Saturday week in Sydney, with tech accelerator BlueChilli doing much of the organising. You can check out the website here, and here’s the pitch:

“The Federal Government is committed to making innovation a centrepiece of the Australian economy. Policy Hack is an opportunity for industry to develop and pitch innovative solutions to some of Australia’s most pressing policy problems and help foster the growth of innovation industries in Australia.

Along with Assistant Minister for Innovation Hon. Wyatt Roy MP, BlueChilli will bring together representatives from startups, VC funds, accelerators and other components of the innovation ecosystem, with policy experts from departments of Treasury, Industry and Communications to collaborate in a one-day industry policy hackathon in Sydney, Saturday 17 October 2015.

We’ll use the hackathon methodology to nominate, select and work together in mixed teams on new government policy ideas designed to foster the growth of innovation industries including tech startups, biotech, agtech, fintech, renewables and resources.”

There’s also an OurSay page where people can pitch their ideas and vote on policies. Those who put forth the highest-voted policies will be invited to the Sydney event to lead teams on the day to workshop their ideas with government and industry representatives.

Of course, not everyone thinks that this has been thought through in a detailed way … a week and a half is a bit short notice for this kind of event, especially if people are travelling from other states.

However, it appears this may just be the start of a wave of similar initiatives coming from Roy.

It’s fantastic to see the new Turnbull Government engaging with Australia’s tech startup ecosystem this way. All speed to Roy — he is kicking goals at the moment.

Image credit: Office of Wyatt Roy


  1. Pity that they don’t see a proper FTTH network as essential infrastructure to bolster it all.

  2. I know the trick to this one: hold your nose and if you don’t smell it you can’t taste it.

    Wait, it might help to “..look over there!”(‘..where?’) at the same time.

    Jokes aside, people actually died for this country! Imagine voting Liberal!!

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