Watch Steve Baxter interview Wyatt Roy about #policyhack


blog By all accounts the innovation policy hackathon held by new Assistant Minister for Innovation Wyatt Roy in Sydney over the weekend went quite well. Your writer was sequestered in Canberr and unable to make the event, but number of people have already published articles summing up the proceedings. We quite liked the roundup published by Disruptor’s Handbook founder Gavin Heaton, who sets the scene:

“Looking down from above, the scene is one of organised chaos. Small groups huddle here, there and everywhere. What looks like a fleet of messengers, shuttle between the groups, up levels, through spaces, delivering the latest information, advice, vital sustenance.

Clustered at one end, a team are busily exchanging ideas. At the opposite end of the space, one group dissolves, its members shooting through the crowd like heat seeking tentacles in search of new prey. Within moments, they too are absorbed into the chameleon-like groups that swell and release, grow quiet then explode in noise. But this organic mass of self-organising individuals is far from a random occurrence.

This is Australia’s first “policy hackathon” – and it is in full swing in the offices of startup accelerator, Blue Chilli.”

Another good roundup was published by self-styled ‘chief disrupter’ Anne-Marie Elias, who adds:

“It was a brilliant exercise that demonstrated the capacity and appetite of entrepreneurs to come together with those from academia, corporates, capital, advisory firms, civil society and the tech and start-up sector to collaborate and develop innovative policy options for government.”

Or you could just watch entrepreneur and investor Steve Baxter (co-founder of PIPE Networks and also known for his Shark Tank work) interview Roy in the video above. We think it gives a reasonably good indication of how the Member for Longman was feeling after the event :)


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