Govt to fund innovation policy research through StartupAUS


news The Federal Government has announced that it will fund new research on entrepreneurship and innovation by not-for-profit organisation StartupAUS.

In a statement, the government said the new research will examine the key drivers of entrepreneurial behaviour, including “turning ideas into commercial outcomes and the unique opportunities Australia offers entrepreneurs to start-up and grow innovative businesses”.

Announcing the new partnership and funding of “up to $360,000”, Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Christopher Pyne and Assistant Minister for Innovation Wyatt Roy said the research is aimed to ensure that future policy decisions support entrepreneurship.

The pair said the Australian Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda boosts innovation across every sector of the economy, and that it is critical that there is a “clear understanding of the opportunities that will deliver the jobs of the 21st century”.

They added that the Government is keen to ensure that its policies are up to date and informed by the many factors that influence the success of Australian entrepreneurs.

StartupAUS has previously commissioned the Crossroads report in 2014 and 2015, which has helped to inform entrepreneurship policy, according to the statement.

In its new official role, StartupAUS will receive funding of $120,000 a year for an initial two year period, with the option to extend for a third year.

“I’m conscious there is so much more we could learn about what makes entrepreneurs tick and there are many angles to be examined to complement the Innovation Agenda,” Roy said. “For instance, what factors affect women and youth entrepreneurs, what attracts our talent overseas and when and how can we attract them back to Australia?”

Alex McCauley, StartupAUS CEO, said it was a “positive sign” that policy makers around the country were seeking to commission independent research to better inform their approach in this area.

“We will be collaborating with a broad range of partners on these projects, picking up on the views of some of Australia’s leading innovators and entrepreneurs,” McCauley said.

The first two themes that will be examined by StartupAUS as part of the new partnership are ‘Culture and Entrepreneurship’ and ‘International Analysis of Entrepreneurial Programmes’.

The first report for the Government is expected to be delivered by mid-October 2016, the statement said.

Image credit: Office of Wyatt Roy


  1. They fund it like they funded faulty copper.

    They really take it seriously when they instead of handing the technology park to Atlassian sold it to their bribing developer donors Mirvac to be demolished for housing for commonwealth bank slaves.

    The Liberals are full of shit.

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