Turnbull outlines Govt ICT vision


blog Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has published an extensive article arguing that the Federal Government needed to do a better job of connecting with Australians via digital channels and that public sector IT projects needn’t cost the huge amounts that some have in the past. The article was published on the website of The Guardian newspaper. A couple of sample paragraphs (we recommend you click here for the full article):

“The man responsible for the UK government’s technology, Liam Maxwell, walks around with a very simple motto stickered onto his smartphone and Macbook: “What is the user need?” Maxwell is Her Majesty’s government’s chief technology officer but his outlook, attitude and clothes he wears are far closer to Steve Jobs than to Sir Humphrey.

But it is clear Australia is still a laggard in this area. This week, Maxwell visited Australia and there are some clear lessons for how our government can do better in the way it uses the internet better to engage with its citizens.”

The Coalition’s policy document in this area, entitled ‘The Coalition’s Policy for e-Government and the Digital Economy’, is available online in PDF format and was launched before last year’s Federal Election by Turnbull and then-Shadow Finance Minister Andrew Robb.

Image credit: Office of Malcolm Turnbull