Great article series on Australian DevOps/agile



blog If you’ve spent any time working in the global technology industry over the past five years, it would have been pretty hard to miss the growing importance of the ‘DevOps’ movement — in short, the increasingly powerful attempt to break down the traditional disconnect between ‘development’ and ‘operations’ activity within IT shops, particularly associated with agile development techniques. So what’s happening in Australia in this area? iTNews has this morning published several excellent feature articles on this topic, and we recommend you spend this morning reading them instead of actually doing work. You might learn something. And who actually does work on Monday mornings??? You can find the first article here and the second one here. A sample paragraph:

“After several years of uphill battles and aborted starts, Australia‚Äôs most progressive organisations have taken to agile software development in a big way. The digital teams at banks such as ANZ, Bankwest, Commonwealth Bank, NAB and Suncorp; insurers such as Allianz and SunSuper; telcos such as Telstra and Vodafone; retailers like REA Group and Carsales; and the digital team at media conglomerate Fairfax – each have unlocked value from this new method of work.”

Technologists from other countries often tell me that Australia is viewed internationally as having a very strong culture of innovation and early adoption in technology. It’s good to see some real-life examples of how this is playing out in major Australian organisations.