Two good Australian CIO interviews


blog There have been a couple of good interviews with Australian chief information officers done by various media outlets over the past couple of days — good enough that we thought them worth highlighting to readers on Delimiter.

At iTNews (click here for the full article), Ry Crozier (who we consider one of the best and most straight-up enterprise IT journalists in Australia) goes through the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads three-year integration of two previous departments. A representative paragraph:

The department’s Information Division – internally known as iDivision – is a “hybrid” of the two former departmental ICT teams, according to [ chief information officer Chris Fechner]. “We didn’t try and subvert one or the other,” he says.

Over at (click here for the full article), there’s a solid yarn by Luke Hopewell, focusing on Allianz chief information officer Steve Coles, who was at a CSC event this week talking about re-using technology. A sample paragraph:

“I hate the term ‘legacy’ technology,” [Coles said.] “Legacy means [a system has] got to be replaced, and we’ve got to get a shiny new one. For us, it’s been a key part of our strategy to reuse and simplify rather than rip and replace.”

What did we like about both interviews? They both went deep, and they both went into what we call “high” enterprise IT. In other words, not just surface-level questions such as desktop operating system upgrades or “how do you use iPads in the enterprise”, but into questions of enterprise IT architecture and technology strategy. Some very interesting themes came out of both. Kudos!