Intel buys Barrie’s Sensory Networks



blog Those of you who’ve been following the exploits of chief executive and all-round celebrity Australian technologist Matt Barrie will no doubt be interested in the news that one of the other companies Barrie helped found, high-performance networking outfit Sensory Networks, has been bought by giant chipmaker Intel for about $20m. The news appears to have been broken by The Wall St Journal in the US, which tells us (we recommend you click here for the full article):

“Sensory Networks already has partnerships with Intel and Intel’s wholly-owned embedded and mobile software unit Wind River Systems Inc. The company also has partnerships with other semiconductor product-makers, and some of its existing partnerships are expected to be unwound as part of the Intel deal, said one of the people.”

It doesn’t appear as though Barrie has been directly involved with Sensory Networks for a while — the company is principally headquartered in the US, although it does still maintain an Australian research and development office. However, there is a direct link with — most of the original four founders at Sensory Networks are now involved with, which is planning its own multi-million-dollar listing on the Australian Securities Exchange later this year.

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