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blog We had been quite sad when local tech startup blog From Little Things stopped posting, given that the site was really providing a great window into the local tech startup ecosystem, which is just exploding in Australia at the moment, with a great deal of funding, talent and even government support heading its way. That’s why we’re happy to see the site is rebooting again. Its first post this week is about local crowdsourced design powerhouse 99designs. One of the nicest quotes in the article is about the development of new products. From Little Things quotes 99designs chief executive Patrick Llewellyn (pictured above) as saying (we recommend you click here for the full article):

“Don’t go public too early because when you are, it gets harder and harder. That’s part of the magic that is in some of the great organisations that I think we all really respect; like Google and Apple and it’s amazing at that their size — Amazon is extraordinary, and their ability to incubate and create new stuff within that paradigm … I’ve heard that Jeff Bezos has said that if you can’t feed the team working on a product with two pizzas, it’s too big.”

From my own experience, I think a lot of people don’t realise how critical it is, when you’re launching your own startup, or even a little way down the track into it, to constantly get advice from those more experienced than yourself and seek out new knowledge and context. Often I’ve found, in my field of online publishing, that the solution you’re looking to with regard to a problem you’re experiencing has already been worked out by someone else — someone you can easily talk to about it. Startups thrive when they interface with each other and share lessons. In this vein, I commend this interview with 99designs’ Patrick Llewellyn to you. It’s worth the 10 minutes.

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  1. Good on you Ren, you’ve been a supporter from the beginning when you could have been a competitive, threatened, old-media-thinking critic of the publication. We aspire to be as important to the startup industry as Delimiter is to the IT&T industry. Most of the time that seems like a loooong way off but it’s a worthy goal.

    Beer: owed.

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