Great FAQ on Australia’s IT startup scene



blog Are you a Sydney-based technologist interested in getting out of Australia’s corporate IT sector and into a hot IT startup? Or perhaps a budding entrepreneur looking to start one? Well, local tech startup consultancy and incubator Pollenizer’s got your back. The company’s Ben Ma has published an extensive overview of Sydney’s tech startup scene, with information about startup incubators, co-working spaces, media outlets who cover startups, events, investors and more, it’s a veritable wealth of knowledge about the scene. Ma’s conclusion:

“The startup scene in Sydney is definitely growing but there is still a need for more government funding and education and capital investment. The general population are starting to look towards innovation and entrepreneurship as there is a stronger belief towards these areas being key drivers of the economy in the near future … Regardless, from my perspective, there is a lot of potential in the startup scene in Sydney as more and more people are jumping on board in regards to both investors and entrepreneurs.”

I started covering tech startups in Australia more than half a decade ago, and I have to say, virtually none of the items listed in this comprehensive guide to the local startup scene existed at that point. Back then there was very little organisation in the scene. But now it’s rapidly expanding, with constant new opportunities coming up. If you are interested in technology innovation at all, I encourage you to get involved — and not just in Sydney! Most other major cities have tech startup communities and many of the items in Ma’s guide are nationally applicable. Jump in: The water’s great :)