A detailed report into Australia’s IT startup scene


blog The From Little Things blog created by Australian startup incubator Pollenizer recently has been turning up some solid content; profiles of Australian startups, interesting tidbits about the local investment and more. And today it’s gone one better, publishing a detailed report into Australia’s IT startup scene and how it compares internationally. The report was co-authored by the From Little Things team, Pollenizer itself, Deloitte and the Startup Genome Project. Perhaps the headline figure is as follows:

“Only 4.8% of Australian technology startups grow into successful, global companies whereas many more Silicon Valley (8%) and New York (6.7%) based startups reach scale, according to new research released today by From Little Things — Silicon Beach: a study of the Australian Startup Ecosystem.”

This kind of report is extremely valuable for those working in Australia’s IT startup ecosystem. It gives context to their work and perhaps will allow entrepreneurs to think a bit wider than their businesses about the environment in which they’re working. It’s also the kind of report which governments will find valuable as they attempt to quantify Australia’s IT startup ecosystem and set policy to help develop it.

Image credit: Natalie Singh, royalty free


  1. Hey Renai, thanks for the mention. Looking forward to seeing the AU tech startup community lift this stat from 4.8% towards 10% in the years to come.

  2. Interesting stuff, I had no idea the success rate, both here and in the US, was so low!

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