Gen-i Australia may completely shut down



blog You couldn’t exactly say that the Australian division of IT services company Gen-i was in rude health, with the company revealing in mid-March that it would sack most of its staff and stop competing for most local contracts, as it shifted focus to only serving Trans-Tasman contracts as per the instructions of its parent Telecom New Zealand. However, according to CRN (we recommend you click here for the full article), things may be even more dire:

“Telecom NZ is considering shuttering what remains of its Gen-i IT services business in Australia, CRN sources have revealed.”

As I wrote last month, I believe Gen-i Australia and AAPT have been mismanaged by Telecom NZ, which never really committed to the Australian market in the correct manner, despite its sizable investments Down Under. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Gen-i Australia shut up shop at all. I would be curious to know whether Telecom NZ had actually considered engaging in a sales process for the business before merely shutting it down wholesale. I’m sure the likes of Fujitsu and NEC would have enjoyed at least running the ruler over Gen-i’s finances and staff to see what value would be left there. Perhaps Telecom NZ and Gen-i NZ could then have partnered with the acquirer for any trans-Tasman services they required. But who knows what’s going on behind closed doors at the company right now. If you do know, of course, there’s always Delimiter’s anonymous tips line.

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  1. I work a guy who came to us from Gen-i…through his contacts there, I know morale in the place is VERY low…it may have to shut down because everyone will have left.

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