Coalition NBN policy launch Q+A: Full video


Yesterday we posted the full presentation given by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Sydney as they outlined the core tenets of the Coalition’s rival National Broadband Network policy. And this morning we’ve got more; if you’re interested in watching the full question and answer session which the pair conducted with assembled journalists (including yours truly), the videos are below. The full transcript of the session is also available on Turnbull’s website.


  1. I haven’t had time to watch the videos, but that transcript reads like they were “talking down” to the journalists asking the questions; as if they “knew best” and the questioners should just blindly accept their words as facts. #fraudband indeed.


    • “that transcript reads like they were “talking down” to the journalists asking the questions”

      It wasn’t like that in the session — Turnbull was very happy to take the deep technical questions and answered at whatever level the question was asked. Turnbull and Abbott actually did a very good job together.

  2. I prefer the Q&A in the release video. Did you see the short hair guy with the camera? He was obviously so a fan of Turnbull ;)

  3. i haven’t seen the video, but from the transcript, i’m going to take a punt at this being Renai….


    Yes but they are…


    Just if you could model your civility on the rest of the journalists present…


    No, but British Telecom is running…


    We will take someone else. Can I just correct that gentleman? What you said is completely wrong…



    • No, that was Richard Chirgwin, he was actually being quite rude. I asked a question at the start about whether the Coalition’s NBN would make a ROI and also got the last question at the end, pointing out that only incumbent telcos had rolled out FTTN globally — not governments.

      • ok.
        i was only saying that because i know you’ve had some run ins with turnbull before.

      • were you the one that said that the figure was right about the roll out? Could you link your source.


  4. Wow talk about spin & BS. ‘we will save at least 60 billion dollars of Labor waste’? I love the way they keep throwing out imaginary numbers like that – I wish one of the journalists had shouted out “that’s Numberwang!” when they said that. Would be utterly fantastic if there was a journalist to do this every time the LNP spouted fabricated NBN numbers. Would make an amazing YouTube video leading into the election!

    • Yeah, it’s only waste if it has actually been spent.

      At the moment, because it hasn’t been spent, it is only imaginary waste for the imaginary numbers.

  5. In answer to your question Turnbull says his FttN network will earn similar revenue to Labor’s NBN. How does that fit in with his narrative that NBN Co’s corporate plan has ridiculously high revenue expectations?

  6. Thankyou for taking the time to put this up, Renai.

    Transcripts. whilst they give you the script, do not convey the speech.

    For instance, I found the body language of Turnbull quite interesting when Abbott was spooling up the rhetoric.. I particularly liked the smirk when Abbott was explaining to technology reporters how many IPTV sessions you can have on a 25mbit connection.. :)

    • No worries! I thought it would be important.

      My impression was that Abbott and Turnbull hate each other, but have learnt how to work together for mutual outcomes. I was actually really impressed by how well they worked together.

  7. So in fact they are going to generate similar revenues and deliver less while at the same time being cheaper!!
    There is something wrong with that equation. If the ARPU is the same or similar how can it be cheaper?

  8. Reminds me of Darth Sideous and the Sith!
    I’d hate to see how many people commit suicide after these two clowns take control of the country.
    Makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it.

  9. I would have been more impressed if all the reporters got up and walked out right after the end of the conference and didn’t bother asking questions.
    But then, you wouldn’t be doing your job properly.

    From what I’ve seen, the conference looked like it was thrown together, without electronic versions of the projected media given to the press, or adequate seating and space for cameras.

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