Coalition NBN policy launch: Full video


Missed the Coalition’s rival policy launch on TV this morning and want to catch up? No worries, Delimiter’s got your back. Catch the whole presentation by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull in the YouTube video below. We’re also working on uploading the question and answer session in which yours truly and a number of other journalists put the tough questions to the pair. The full transcript of the presentation is also available on Turnbull’s website.


  1. Oh Malcom and Tony, you never cease to make us laugh.

    You wrap up your lies (90Billion for the NBN now?!) with some truth (NBN is behind schedule) and expect us to think your second rate policy is the best for the nation.

    I really don’t think providing us with an NBN 2 years sooner than Labor using obsolete technology is the best policy…

  2. We’re also working on uploading the question and answer session

    can we please get that with a transcript (or is there already one available?) for those who are unable to get to you tube.

  3. Wow incredible!

    I guess throwing a hell of a lot of money at a very small improvement from what we already have must be worth it!


  4. Can somebody in the media PLEASE wise up to the fact that the liberal party is going to claim instant success with their “plan” by jumping onto Telstra and making them turn on VDSL2 in their ISAM and Top Hat cabinets?

    I mean, DUH it’s so obvious that this is the majority of their “plan” for the first couple of years. They’ll use this to give themselves time to re-start the WHOLE NBN design process which will take time.

  5. Anyone else see the irony in MT claiming that NBN projections of increased spend on internet usage by households weren’t based on any facts in the same press conference he claims the labor NBN will cost more than $90 billion?

    • Having now seen the alternative… I see lots of irony/hypocrisy.

      Starting with white elephant, taxpayer impost, waste, too expensive, etc

  6. Tony and Mal both look a little wasted, why is Tony waving his arms around like an android.

    • isn’t that what people do when they’re talking?

      As a young boy, I dreamed of being a baseball; but tonight I say, we must move forward, not backward; upward, not forward; and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom!

    • When Abbott was talking Turnbull had this glum, I don’t want to be here look. It was like he had to do the announcement but was far from please having to do it. It may be my imagination but he looked like he cringed every time Abbott said $90B

  7. Incredible, do they seriously think that they can pool the wool over our eyes with this fruadband policy.
    I love how they have had to inflate the cost of the NBN to over $90 billion now to make their $30 billion policy spend on obsolete technology look attractive. In Liberal party rhetoric they used the term White Elephant to describe the NBN but now that they are proposing older FTTN technology which can not be upgraded past 100mbs (you would also need to be right next to a node cabinet to achieve close to this speed) what would that make their FTTN proposal. FTTH is a white elephant but FTTN is not. WTF these guys have truly sold their souls…..

  8. Quicker = by 2019?
    Cheaper = $29.5 billion?
    For a second rate network? what a dud plan.

    I can’t stand the deceit in all the political statements, e.g.

    + the outrageously self-serving and unjustified statement that the Labor NBN is likely to cost $94b, hence theirs is 30% the cost.
    + suggesting affordability is an issue because NBN Co forecasts a growing portion of users paying more for more.
    + generally conflating the original FTTN NBN with the FTTP NBN, and using it to show a 10x cost blowout “by their own estimates”.

    I don’t understand how they can criticise NBN Co’s credibility directly, and yet intend to make it responsible for their own FTTN build?

    I don’t understand how they expect their own cost forecasts and timelines for capital works won’t be subject to the same blowouts and delays if they are likely to use the same outsourced contractors.

  9. Malcolm…

    A. NZ tried doing FTTN and changed to FTTH, ever wondered why?

    B. How about a Pair Gain where its in a pit shared between 4 houses? I’m not talking about Rims that service large amounts of houses. I am serviced by one of these things, 4DPGS – Four Channel Digital Pair Gain System, runs dial up at 14.4Kbps maximum. Took me ages to find this info out, was furious once I realized. Going to run 4 strands of fiber to the 4 houses and the rest are on copper?

    C. Why would people leave Telstra/Optus HFC 100Mbps for 25Mbps FTTN?

    D. Why would you build a FTTN network when the speed is limited by the copper? There’s no future in it compared to a FTTH network, just change the end hardware and you’ll get faster speeds. Can’t say the same about Liberals Plan..

    E. $43 Billion vs $30 Billion. Stating its now going to be $94 Billion doesn’t seem fair or correct. Its easy to state something, but to be honest, you’re making it “look” and “seem” cheaper by a 1/3rd when its not the case.

    F. FTTN cabinets, all 60,000 of them. You never mentioned this in your video. You also never mentioned the power consumption required compared to FTTH. You also didn’t mention the never ending on-going costs and maintenance of the last bit of copper. You also assume the copper is still good, lets not forget how old some of it is, corroded and all.

    G. You also didn’t mention FTTN doesn’t provide EQUAL service. That is, you cannot guarantee I’ll get one speed, and the guy next door will get the same. All this “the target is 25 Mbps minimum”…. target, even that doesn’t sound like a promise. We’re all sick of “up to” and “speed depends on x,y,z”.

    Liberals plan is just not the right way to go about it. Surely they would wake up and accept this. If only, then I might give them my vote, but definitely not on this policy. Maybe they should look in the mirror with their “white elephant”.

  10. Is there some way we can call out the Liberals on their ridiculous $90bn claim? Or can Conroy come out tomorrow and say ‘Based on our internal projections, the Liberal policy will cost $140 billion?”

  11. The $94.3bn figure that Turbull is talking about is derived from his modification of the NBN 2012-2015 Corporate Plan. He has combined 4 different scenarios to arrive at his figure.

    1.) He changes the ARPU growth from 9%/annum to 3.5%/annum
    2.) Raises the FTTP costs by 40%
    3.) Assumes that by 2028 25% of households are wireless only
    4.) Rollout is delayed by 4 years.

    Then he informs the reader that what he has conducted is “a simple model. It is the subject to normal uncertainties of any such analysis, but it is in the Coalition’s view a much more likely forecast than that contained in the NBN Co 2012-2015 Corporate Plan.”

  12. They keep talking about speeds such as a minimum of 25mbps and a majority of 50mbps or better.
    But I don’t see them mentioning much about what type of upload speeds their FttN network would provide.

    If our upload speeds do not increase much then we have a problem, Australia has very poor upload speeds compared to some of our broadband, for example:
    I am running on Optus HFC at 100mbps down while the upload is maxed at 2mbps which is just disgraceful.

    The upload speeds limits many things that you might want to run from your home such as a file server to access or stream from at other locations, the upload speed just does not cater for such a task.

    I want proper information on all speeds of the policy, download and upload speeds. What the minimums and majority of the population will have.

  13. And Liberals dare to call Labor’s FTTP a “waste” and “a white elephant”. Spending all those billions on a minor improvement of download speed (and practically no improvement of upload speed), making it no better for business, telecommuting, HD videoconferencing then what we already have.

    Would have been better if their policy was not to do anything, letting the market upgrade to FTTN where feasable, then to throw the money away for this. Disgraceful waste is what this is.

  14. A number of you are suggesting that the estimated $90 Billion cost that Labor will end up with is wrong, how do you conclude that? The NBN in its current form is rolling our at a minimum of 10 times slower than what Labor said it would. So lets look at how long then it will actually take to build the Labor NBN policy with FTTH. Instead of it being completed by 2018, or 2021, it is more likely 2030, 2040 or even longer. How much extra labour cost and increase in material costs will that end up being? It will be massively over the current Labor expected cost, even if its not $90 Billion it will easily be double what they say now so , that s what… ? Around $70+ Billion

    The fact is the Liberal policy is much smarter to get Broadband to more people quicker. Yes that will mean using existing copper, but it will mean that most people will have access to better than now speeds, especially those in locations that are not yet serviced properly or at least adequatly.

    The problem I see with most of you is that you already have a fairly ok or decent broadband connection and are just never happy with what you have and therefore spoilt with choice, despite the fact that there are many that do not have even a 10th of what you have access to. Try living in a location unable to get a wired service and then listen to brats complain their adsl or cable is not fast enough to download whatever they think they ‘need’

    I also need to mention here, what is more important to life, water or broadband, if you chose broadband you are a waste of time.

    By all means once the majority have access to a broadband service that is comparable to today’s wired services of adsl and cable, which by the Liberal party has been set at a modest 25mbps, but more likely 50mbps…then yes start the process of upgrading existing areas (where needed) to a faster connection through fibre or other updated technology. You do not NEED 100mbps or 1000mbps now, nor will you in the short to mid term future.

    Get over yourselves and wake up to the real issues of life, it is NOT broadband.

  15. Why would I accept the coalitions self-serving $90b claim without any detail, and there is a lot more uncertainty about their own costings as their plan is just a piece of paper at this point vs. a project that has been running and making progress (I accept slowly) for years.

    And quite the opposite to your characterisation of FTTP supporters as being selfish children, I specifically want to see the FTTP NBN go ahead so that those less fortunate than me WRT. ADSL connectivity, and my kids as they grow up, get the as good a quality network as possible for the future.

    I’m not on the FTTP rollout plan yet, and I’m accept that because someone has to go first. This is a 10 year plan about the future.

    I would love to see NBN Co prioritise areas with connectivity problems, and green field sites, but I guess they’ve made the judement not to do so for technical reasons that I’m not going to second guess, or because doing so would cost more and slow the overall rate of the rollout which is politically unacceptable – something that could be solved with bipartisan support.

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