IBM received leaked info
during Qld Health payroll bid



blog The somewhat disturbing revelations from the Commission of Inquiry into Queensland Health’s payroll systems disaster just keep on coming. The Brisbane Times reports today (we recommend you click here for the full article) that prime contractor IBM was actually forwarded leaked information that could have helped it win the payroll upgrade contract:

“[An IBM executive] has admitted to the inquiry he was forwarded an email from rival bidder Accenture about its proposal during the tender process in August 2007.”

IBM has maintained, however, that it won the contract fairly. For those interested in the nitty gritty details here, the Commission of Inquiry has started publishing the complete transcripts of its hearings on its (admittedly basic) website. Your writer hasn’t been able to devote the time to sitting through the inquiry live as it has heated up over the past few weeks, but with the transcripts available, I’ll be going into this issue quite a bit deeper over the next little while. Stay tuned for some even more detailed analysis of how possibly Australia’s biggest IT disaster ever truly went down.

Image credit: Patrick H, Creative Commons