Shocker: Qld Health payroll tender was rushed



blog From Computerworld this week comes the incredible, unbelievable, amazing news that the tendering process for Queensland Health’s colossally botched payroll systems upgrade may have been just a teensy bit rushed, and that the Government may not have allocated sufficient funding for the project. The publication reports (we recommend you click here for the full article):

“Former Accenture partner, Marcus Salouk, the first person to give evidence on Monday, was sceptical of the government’s initial $300 million budget for the payroll system rollout. He said CorpTech, the government’s IT arm, had already spent $200 million before tenders went out …”

Personally we’re absolutely shocked by this development. You mean to say that this project, which is only a billion or so dollars over budget and hasn’t actually delivered on its fundamental aims yet, may not have been set up right from the start? Say it ain’t so.


    • But isn’t that the role of a lager consultancy; specify a job to allow for the successful charging through variations! It’s all about successfully charging the client for as many dollars as possible.

      • If the customer cant articulate their requirements adequately exactly how are the consultants to realise this especially if the customer “thinks” they do know their own requirements?

      • Many times customers DO NOT know their own requirements. Sometimes they think they do, but the changing environment pushes those requirements off spec completely or add variations so much that the difference between the original requirement and what is needed that meeting the gap is near impossible. If you follow the V model, and you’re all the way to the right hand side at the point of the variation, you’re pretty much screwed.

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