Optus “increases focus” by sacking 290 staff


blog Over the past decade your writer has been a technology journalist, we’ve seen quite a few weasel-worded media releases, and this morning’s emission from SingTel subsidiary Optus is a good example of the genre. Sacking some 290 staff? Why not apply a little of the old doublespeak treatment and label the initiative as “increasing focus”, putting the bit about the redundancies in the last paragraph of the media release? The journalists will fall for that! Wait … no, they won’t. The full full media release:

Optus today announced organisational changes it has made to finalise the shape of the restructure it announced to staff last month. Central to the change is a focus on fixed, an elevation of the brand, the end of third party door-to-door sales, and efficiencies gained through alignment of IT systems and Network functions.

Optus has appointed Martin Mercer, a highly experienced telecommunications professional as Managing Director, Strategy & Fixed to lead its fixed line business and ensure it is well-placed to play a significant role in the company’s future business strategy.

Martin Mercer said, “This new structure underpins Optus’ commitment to growing its fixed line business. The opportunities presented by the NBN provide Optus with real potential for growth.

“Fixed is at the heart of our business. Optus was established on the back of providing choice in fixed line telephony. We’ve been advocates for structural change in telecommunications for over a decade, and now it’s happening we want to show Australians that we are committed to helping take advantage of the opportunities becoming available to them. We have historically provided Australians with real choice and this will be enhanced with the reach and the services made possible by the NBN.”

As well as renewing its focus on the fixed line business, Optus is also moving to improve brand and direct customer communication through a dedicated brand and marketing communications group, end third party door-to-door sales to focus on branded channels, and improve the efficiency of IT systems and Network functions through regional alignment.

Today’s announcement follows Optus’ customer-centric retail transformation which was announced last year. The transformation sought to achieve operational efficiencies while ensuring Optus delivers a better experience for customers. This is being achieved through strengthening customer facing functions with Optus recently announcing the addition of 33 new stores, a refresh of the branded ‘yes’ stores , the first of which was opened earlier this month, retraining 4,500 retail staff and the addition of 200 new retail staff.

As a result of the organisational changes announced today, 290 roles have been made redundant with the majority coming from Marketing, IT, Networks and Sales.


  1. As a result of the organisational changes announced today, 290 roles have been made redundant with the majority coming from Marketing, IT, Networks and Sales.

    Well; I guess they didn’t lose anyone from management. So everything is still OK!

  2. I wish they’d ‘increase their focus’ on getting people who can speak fucking english into their call centres.

    And half the time I call, they have the nerve to mangle “i am so sorry mr good sir but I cannot understand you sir please thank you” before sticking me on hold for 15 minutes then not fixing the problem.

  3. So true, we should support business that support Aussie jobs and just good customer service which is hard to get when customer and staff are not speaking the same langauge. Vodafone has just double it call centre in Tassie and Adam Internets (80k Adelaide customers) customer service team is in the heart of Adeliade.
    Good job,

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