Why the NBN needs a safe pair of hands


blog When I think about the future of the National Broadband Network project (which I do entirely too much for my own liking, and that of my close friends and family), what mainly concerns me is that whoever is in charge of the initiative keeps it moving forward, keeps it on track and delivers better broadband to all Australians within the next decade. Fibre to the premise, fibre to the node; while I might prefer one option over another, I can deal with either, and what I mainly want is for the whole shebang to progress; not to get bogged down in internecine political warfare. This is the thesis for an article I’ve penned for the ABC’s The Drum site today (click here for the full article). A couple of sample paragraphs:

“My guess is that most Australians don’t want the Coalition to rock the boat on this issue. They want this highly important project to be sensitively and competently managed. If there is to be a change in direction with respect to the NBN, let it be a slow one: an evolution, not a revolution.

What Australians want from the Coalition is a safe pair of hands. After all, if the Coalition grasps the NBN, it will have its fingers directly clasped around much of the nation’s future.”

As this is an article for The Drum, it’s probably best that they host the discussion on this particular topic, so comments on this one are closed on Delimiter. I encourage you to post your thoughts about this one on The Drum. You lot have more than enough open NBN threads here to keep you occupied for a while ;) And my thanks to the kind folks at the ABC for publishing my thoughts.