This is how Google changes country MDs


blog Other companies’ Australian managing directors exit gracefully, in a carefully stage-managed process which sees a replacement privately sourced almost before the incumbent leaves. There’s a safe-sounding press release, a few nice soundbites about what a great time the executive has had and how he has learnt a lot from the experience and left the company in safe hands etc. It’s so … corporate. But not Google. Google just dumps a new job ad on its country page as the local MD leaves the country. From Google’s Australian hiring page, a new job ad to lead its local team, replacing outgoing exec Nick Leeder (pictured):

“As a Country Director, you work with customers and market influencers to establish long-term visions for advertisers, publishers and partners. You partner with the Sales leadership team to set strategic objectives and run the country’s day-to-day operations. You deeply understand the context of the market, and set visions that inspire your organization.

Within Google, you are the primary advocate of your country. You share the opportunities and challenges of the market, and voice the priorities for our products. Within region, you set transparent objectives, collaborate with your functional counterparts and execute. You are an excellent communicator with a proven ability to train and motivate a large team. You use an analytical approach to sales management to develop and grow some of the most significant agencies and businesses in the market.

Setting the commercial strategy for the market, the Australia/New Zealand Country Director is responsible for defining what Google must do to deliver on its mission for local advertisers, publishers and partners. You’ll understand deeply the context of the market, and set a vision that inspires people; working with customers and market influencers to establish clear objectives that help Google take the right steps towards the long-term vision.

As the primary advocate for Australia/New Zealand within Google, you’ll help all of Google understand the market opportunities, and gain alignment on the product priorities for the market. You’ll do this by establishing transparent, shared objectives and then driving accountability for results. Finally, you’ll inspire collaboration for those in region to deliver on the commercial strategy. You’ll work closely with functional counterparts in the region to execute on goals; share accountability for delivery; reach consensus on goals; and operate as a team.”

Right. Sounds like I better get my resume’ up to date. I seriously wonder how many applications this kind of role gets, as it’s advertised through Google’s web site, and how many Google’s leadership team actually takes seriously and interviews? It’s certainly a … novel way of searching for a new leader for its Australian operation. Let’s hope the next guy is more successful at paying Australian taxes, launching products locally, deleting stolen data and just generally, helping Google Australia be a nicer corporate player than it has been in recent times.

Image credit: Google


  1. Not sure what you’re trying to say Renai. Just look at his interview in The Australian

    You’ll see the exact corporate stage management you said was lacking, eg:

    “My time with Google Australia and New Zealand has been one of the highlights of my career,” Mr Leeder said.

    “The team here is doing tremendous things to help local partners, advertisers, and users. It’s been an honour to be part of it. I look forward to watching Google’s contribution to Australia and New Zealand grow in the coming years.”

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