Sensis to chop 50 percent of staff?



blog Telstra’s online and directories business Sensis hasn’t been a great place to work for a while now. Executive departures and job cuts have proven to be pretty much the norm at the once-great home of the White and Yellow Pages empire over the past several years. But according to The Australian, we may not have known quite how bad things were. The newspaper reports yesterday (we recommend you click here for the full article) that up to 50 percent of the division’s staff may be set to get the sack:

“A major wave of redundancies is poised to strike Telstra’s directories arm Sensis as the telco giant prepares to slash as many as 500 jobs from the ailing print and digital business.”

If the story is true, we’re a little surprised Telstra chief executive David Thodey (who tends to be secretive about these … ahem … sensitive matters) didn’t mention the issue at the telco’s financial results session last week. Of course, that session did reveal things are on the downward slide for Sensis. Telstra’s results briefing document (PDF) tells us that Sensis revenue for the last six months of 2012 was down 12.6 percent overall … and 27.9 percent in the print division. Wow. Suddenly it doesn’t seem like such a great idea sending all those printed Yellow and White Pages out any more.


  1. It’s disgraceful hard working and loyal people go whilst those at top continue to take no responsibility and next years strategy will be identical. Shame on you Telstra these redundancies are a direct result of out dated and poor strategy.

  2. No one has asked the question why this once great company has hit rock bottom. Well thanks to stupid leadership they managed to drive their customers away by not doing what they promise…advertising that works. Instead they hundreds of millions introducing a system that failed miserably and caused nothing but heart ache and stress to staff and customers. The beginning of the end started in 2009 and the result is devastation.

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