1. “This is not about getting people on the same page; this is about coordinating a response”. Isn’t that exactly the same thing?

  2. Well balanced Renai. I’ve been saying for a while that these guys aren’t about evil scheming to get all our data. They’re just trying to do their jobs. Often they don’t even realize what they’re asking for has larger connotations.

    Saying that however, there is still not enough transparency on the proposed legislation for this. I’m getting a little fed up with ‘not publicly appropriate’ as the excuse for not releasing the draft legislation.

    • I wouldn’t go so far as to say the Attorney-General’s Department isn’t evil. There’s a special kind of hell reserved for some of the key players there in a future life.

      • Well, yeah, there is that.

        But I was speaking of the AFP and ASIO.

        I think the Attorney-General’s department needs a good cleanout….

        • There has been no clear indicated on how this data will be stored. This has privacy implication for who can access this data online or offline, which could be used for a range of purposes to violate their privacy.

          The most important issue is who will pay for this policy. I do not support this policy and I do see that many people will if they tax the consumer for this ‘protection’. The government has shown no clear indication for costing this scheme and the cost is going to be growing and growing over the years for the amount of data needing to be stored. This cost will simply passed onto the consumer, as a tax to protect them and help an inefficient federal police force; most international counter parts only have six months of data retention. I have not seen any evidence suggesting that this time period is ineffective.

  3. “We do not want additional powers.”

    I’m sorry, has every land line call been logged for 2 years or did I miss something? Evil or not, the AFP hasn’t admitted what ever is brought in will be subject to scope creep.

    The other aspects of the reforms are more troubling to me than the meta data retention. Renai could you please do an article on them and why people should be worried about them? I feel they deserve far more attention then what they have been getting.

    • To be fair, Build, your phone calls almost certainly have been logged for at least that long – check your monthly bill!

      The broader point that I *think* the government is trying to make is that, historically, they have always had the ability to obtain metadata relating to any communication (because virtually all communications were recorded by Telcos and ISPs for billing purposes), but that new communications technologies are falling outside their reach – as such, they’re not seeking a new “power”, just the ability to apply that same power to new technologies.

      • Between the 4 reforms they definitely are asking for new powers, not just to update existing powers.

  4. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

    I for one do not trust people in our law enforcement agencies, because I can read history. Unfortunately, a lot of people in these agencies love the power and don’t think enough about the responsibility side of their duties. And making law enforcement jobs “easier” isn’t necessarily a good thing.

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