Readershop will import new Kindles


blog Remember how that big old nasty Amazon decided not to launch its new Kindle tablet and e-reader models in Australia, apart from the lowest-end model. Well, don’t worry Australia, local ereader retailer Readershop‘s got your back, and will be importing the new models. Australian Business Traveller reports (we recommend you click here for the full article):

“They’ll be available between 8- 11 of October” ReaderShop’s Leonardo Crespo told Australian Business Traveller, with next-day delivery, “but we don’t know the prices yet. We’ll know around 3-5 October.”

Of course, not all of Amazon’s content will be available in Australia, and the content that will be available locally will no doubt have a nice little Australian technology tax applied to it. Plus, Amazon is still in no way in our good books for its continuing approach of neglect towards Australia. But at least if you really want one of the new Kindles, you won’t have to get your crazy uncle to send one over from the US. Readershop, we salute you.

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  1. Unfortunately Australians will miss out on a large proportion of the functionality. I’d love one, but only with Amazon Prime.

    Hopefully Amazon, Google and Microsoft will get their Australian content arrangements sorted out. (I’ve left Apple off that list because IMHO Apple can DIAF given the company’s patent war efforts). I want to get decent content with my Windows 8 tablet.

    • Readershop does not sell e-books so your comment does not make much sense. I know because I was looking for a place to buy them in Australia. If anyone knows a good ebook store, please let me know

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