Mac Uni CIO on Apple, Android tablets and IT life


blog Local Apple forum MacTalk has just published an extensive podcast interview with Macquarie University chief information officer Marc Bailey, which we commend to your attention. In it, Bailey ruminates about Apple’s much-lamented decision to back away from its Xserve product line (he sees Apple as “the new Microsoft” in its ability to ignore customers when making product decisions), why Macquarie Uni doesn’t have a standard Android tablet offering, and which areas he believes new IT professionals should focus on (he believes people should avoid IT ‘religion’ and be tech-agnostic. Here’s part of MacTalk’s intro on Bailey by MacTalk’s Peter Wells:

“Marc first came to my attention with this blog post in 2011, which challenged Apple to take enterprise and education markets more seriously, or abandon them for good. I began following Marc on twitter, and enjoyed his geeky enthusiasm for all things Apple, the cloud, and technology in general.

Marc and I lament the passing of Xserves and the Apple of old, discuss some of the technical and legal speed bumps on the way to the cloud, and he boils down IT management into it’s simplest ideas – identity, bandwidth and encryption. Not only that, Marc gives some tips to young geeks out there on where they should focus their energy and skills in the constantly changing world of IT.”

It’s a great, wide-ranging interview with one of the most interesting CIOs in Australia, and we commend it to you.

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  1. Marc’s love of Apple aside, I think he needs to focus on service delivery and uptime at Mac Uni instead of updating his blog and doing interviews. Its frustrating to try and use the e-student portal only to experience downtime and slow response times on a daily occurrence.

    • I hear you Zan – eStudent is a massive focus area for continuing investment. It was implemented well over a decade ago and it’s impact on every single student is felt very personally by tech staff and student admin. Please drop me a line if you have specific ideas.
      – Marc

  2. Couldn’t agree more Zan. Add stay away from Microsoft at any cost and use either open source or apple. Buy a product only if the vendor will employ your friends; or if one of his IT staff is totally incompetent but a close social contact; you leave him there and employ a contract resource at $1300/ day. Appalling

    Seems Marc is only interested in his profile and short term stepping stone here, rather than concentrating on core business for students. lets hope he gets his wish soon

  3. MQU tries to avoid Microsoft at every turn which is why the productivity experience is so bad. Apple, Gmail and Oracle. Marc my words – that is the trifecta of FAIL right there.

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