“Can do” Queensland starts cutting IT staff


blog Queensland’s new LNP Premier Campbell Newman has started wielding the axe in the state’s public service, according to a report by the Courier Mail newspaper published yesterday — and information technology staff are some of the first in line. The newspaper reports (we recommend you click here for the full article):

“The Sunday Mail has been told 180 temporary IT staff in the Department of Education – whose contracts end on June 30 – will be told tomorrow they are not needed after some had long-term contracts with the Government for years.”

If union officials are to be believed, up to 40,000 temporary contract workers in the state could lose their jobs. Of course, this isn’t something that is unexpected, given the LNP’s vow to clean up after years of Labor waste, and if the experience within Canberra’s public sector following the delivery of the Gershon report several years ago, many of those contractors will eventually be hired again eventually as it becomes clear that departments actually needed them to get the job done. Ah, the life of a government IT contractor: The going gets rough around elections.


  1. Whats likely to happen a bunch of contractors will get sacked and manager won’t be able to rehire until September, when the budgets are released for each department. They already delayed them

    Newman has a history of firing contracter staff. Look back to his first week in office at Brisbane Council all the contractors were let go and terminated

    The fair idea Newman possible vision and idea is disagreement in ways contract companies work and make money
    1. Contractor earns a hourly rate and additional ontop the contract/labour hire themselves will ask for thier hourly rate. For example Contractor earns $25 per hour and Contractor company fee is $15 per hour, The customer is charged at $40 per hour
    2. If a contractor is successful in obtaining full-time employment with the contract client. The client must pay a placement fee which calculated on a percent of their 12 month salary
    3. Most managers won’t negotiate the contract company’s contracts. Because they won’t want to handling the recruiting and will outsource it onto a contract company to find staff
    4. A much better arrangement is to manager is to engage a contractor firm to hire someone on a short/long term contract and paying a once of placement fee at the beginning of the contract.

    A contractor and the client could potentially earn more with a payroll agency or directly employed with the client on a internal contract

  2. Can-dig Newman has firm ideas about what needs to be done. Rip a few thousands of dollars away from community groups like prisoner support and sexual health education, and build himself a new palace. The bigger the hole, the better he likes it.

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