Proof that the ATO is evil


Following on from our post last week revealing evidence that the National Broadband Network Company is, in fact, evil, fresh details have come to light about the Australian Taxation Office’s allegiance to the dark side. From the agency’s Twitter account this afternoon:

Oh dear. Well … anyone who has wandered around the ATO’s maze-like offices in any state would bear witness that they can, at times, bear a close resemblance to the creepy environments of Aperture Laboratories. And at least we now know why the agency’s massive Change Program IT overhaul cost so much. Artificial intelligence upgrades for GLaDOS?

Image credit: Delimiter, Valve


  1. I thought this was going to be a story about their take up of Windows 7 across the whole dept….

  2. Could always be a Conroy reference, all those spams and scams might have overcome the portal to the ATO.

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