Atlassian installs Valve-esque portals in offices


blog Not content with already being one of the best places to work in Australia, local software developer Atlassian has taken its coolness factor one step further by installing videoconferencing gear set up to look like actual portals (you know, from the popular video game ‘Portal’) in several of its offices so that staff in different locations can talk to each other virtually. Of course, the devices are not yet feature-complete, as the company reports on its blog:

“Physical objects do not appear to transmit successfully, however: So far we’ve tried to send through a variety of items including beer, hula skirts, companion cubes and technical writers. Most of the beer has been recovered, but if anyone sees a dazed-looking technical writer please let us know.”

All kudos to Atlassian for doing this, but it does raise quite an important question: Where does Atlassian’s range of software products actually come from? Does the company truly employ actual software engineers to produce its code, or is there in fact a sinister artificial intelligence of some kind hiding in the back of the datacentre, waiting for their chance to put Atlassian’s staff through a series of tortured tests involving the portals? It pays to be careful.

Image credit: Atlassian


  1. Any chance of a vid of it in action? And did they make it orange on the other side? Even better if they made it so the one making the call always got blue, and the receiver got orange.

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