Evidence that NBN Co is evil


The below is taken from a freeze frame of one of NBN Co’s latest promo videos.

We’d like to see Mike Quigley explain that in a Senate Estimates committee hearing. Although his response, should Liberal attack dog Simon Birmingham raise it, would likely be the same one Megatron gave to Starscream: ““It’s just such ignorance which forever relegates you to the ranks of underling.”

Image credit: NBN Co


  1. Appears to be a graphic designer – us developers have long known them to be evil regardless of the company they work for.

    • I have always thought graphic designers to be a kindred spirit. I’m broadly chaotic good, while I have found them to be chaotic evil. So we agree on method if not the ultimate aim :)

  2. This person has their own printer, blank CDs with a burnt one (latest movie via torrents perhaps? :) ) on the desk .. seems rather staged.

  3. There is also the standard box of tissues at hand.

    Also wtf ancient mobile phone is that!?!

    We also have them glasses at work

  4. Why is the handle of the cup facing the left hand monitor?

    Could it be a monitor in disgui…..

    *Due to technical difficulties this commentor has had to stop typing, please do not be alarmed everything is normal*

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