Kogan adds brand name products to gadget range


Kogan has this morning announced it’s now begun selling homebrand electronic gadgets, from companies including Apple, Nikon, Samsung and Canon.

In a major move for the company that up until now has only offered products developed in-house, from today customers can now purchase popular brand name gadgets at heavily discounted prices.

Discounts include nearly $100 off the Wi-Fi only 16GB models of Apple’s iPad 2, with Nikon’s D3100 Kit nearly $288 cheaper than at retailer JB Hi-Fi.

Motorola’s Android tablet, the XOOM, is $689 through Kogan, yet Telstra is selling it outright for $840. A Wi-Fi only model of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 through Kogan will set you back $499.

Founder and CEO Ruslan Kogan said the company is now drawing on experience from computer giant Dell, which also began selling products from other brands in a bid to grow its business.

“We have learned from our friends at Dell, who decided to add to their existing core range of computers with a whole host of complementary products, including Kogan TVs,” he said.

“Just as Dell has become synonymous with best value in computers, Kogan is becoming synonymous with best value in other technology products.”

Initially the company will only offer Digital SLR Cameras and Tablets from Apple, Motorola, Acer, Samsung, Canon and Nikon, although it says eventually it’ll explore other product ranges.

“Whether it is manufacturing our own Kogan brand of products, or now sourcing the World’s biggest brands, we can cut out all the middlemen to guarantee the best prices and service,” Kogan said today.

Kogan argues that by being online-only, it’s able to keep costs lower than traditional retail outlets, and is thereby able to offer the best prices for consumers.

“We are experts at finding new innovative ways of delivering the latest technology at market leading price,” he said.

The company introduced last year a new pricing tool dubbed LivePrice, that allows customers to buy products cheaper as they’re being made, encouraging commitments earlier in the manufacturing cycle and guaranteeing a sale to Kogan.

Image Credit: Kogan Technologies


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