Tassie Govt hack more serious than thought


It looks like the rogue group of Internet nuisances known as “S4t4n1c S0uls” didn’t just break into the Tasmanian Government’s media release distribution site recently, but also made off with a great deal of Government data. SC Magazine reports:

“Hackers claim to have made off with 1800 usernames, email addresses and hashed passwords held by the Tasmanian Government.”

The only thing we can’t work out is why anybody would want to break into the Tasmanian Government. What data could anyone possibly make off with? Lara Giddings’ schedule of media appearances? The contents of David Bartlett’s iPad? Perhaps the best we could hope for is a WA-style secession plan. We’d love to see the Apple Isle become a Cuban-esque socialist paradise, complete with high-quality cigars and cheap tequila. But we fear that may be a ways away.

Image credit: Nikolaus Wogen, royalty free