The best Australian iPhone apps (under $5)


Good news everyone!

Delimiter has launched a new eBook — entitled The Best Australian iPhone apps (under $5).

Swamped with iPhone apps but struggling to work out which ones are the best for Australians? Looking for the best apps with Australian content, to help you find the best restaurants and bar, or even just what time the bus goes every day or what’s on Australian TV?

It’s a common problem — but one that can be easily solved. We’ve evaluated hundreds of Australian iPhone apps and distilled three dozen of the best into this downloadable eBook. These aren’t just any iPhone apps — they’re the best of the best, the ones which will actually help you in your work and your personal life. The ones which we now use every day.

Our aim with this eBook is to save you money. The eBook costs just $4.95. If you read the eBook and then buy only a couple of good iPhone apps we recommend, instead of buying other crappy ones, the eBook will pay for itself.

The eBook contains:

  • Over 40 reviews listing Australia’s best iPhone apps under $5
  • Details and screenshots of the best iPhone apps in almost every category: Sports, weather, banking, entertainment, news, games, real estate and more
  • A foreword by one of Australia’s most well-known and successful iPhone app developers, Graham Dawson from Ajnaware. Dawson developed the popular Oz Weather app
  • A guide detailing how we composed the list of apps and reviewed them
  • No advertisements — just iPhone app reviews

Here’s a couple of sample pages from the eBook — the cover, our note about how we tested, and a sample review about Oz TV, which we’ve described as “the undisputed king of Australian TV guide apps” — because of its damn sexy user interface and how good it is at just getting the job done. Click to see the whole page.

Frequently asked questions

Is this eBook available in a printed copy?
No, it’s only available as a downloadable PDF file through this web site. But after you’d paid, you’ll be able to instantly download it — you’ll have it in your hands in seconds.

How much does it cost?
Just $4.95! GST is included in the cover price.

What will I need to view it?
Any PDF reader software created after about 2005 will be absolutely fine for all of the eBook’s functionality — and we anticipate even those created beforehand will be OK. It’s just a normal PDF file, folks.

Can I sent the PDF to my friends or work colleagues?
Look, Delimiter’s not going to come after you with our legal team if you do, but we spent a long time making this eBook — we’d really appreciate it if you got them to buy a copy. Our price is $4.95 — that’s less than you’d pay for a magazine in a newsagent. If we detect that the eBook is being duplicated and pirated en-masse (for example, if it gets emailed to all the employees in an organisation), then we may have to take action to stop that. We have to eat, too ;)

What if I have a suggestion for an iPhone app to be included in the next revision of the book?
Contact us with the details, or post a comment below this article.

How can I pay for the eBook?
At the moment, we’re only accepting automatic payments through PayPal. But you can either pay for it through PayPal with a credit card or just from your PayPal balance. It’s really easy — give it a try! If you want to send us a direct bank deposit or some other method, we can do that as well — email Delimiter publisher Renai LeMay at with your request.

Can the eBook be read on the iPad?
Yes, in fact the eBook’s resolution (1024 pixels by 640 pixels) makes it a good fit for the iPad’s screen.

Why aren’t you releasing this as a free article on a website, supported by advertising?
The amount of content — almost 40 pages — makes designing such an article on a website quite hard — for this kind of content, we think an eBook is the right format. And we’re charging for downloads because we need to eat too — and we think the volume of content on offer is worth the price. But we don’t want to stifle reader comment about the eBook — feel free to comment about its contents below this article!

I’m having problems with the download
Contact us and we’ll sort it out.

Thanks again, everyone, and hope you enjoy Delimiter’s first eBook! We’re planning more in the future!

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      • Seriously though the amount of time I spend trawling review sites for info on Android apps gets annoying!

        • Are there many good apps for Android? Last few times I have played with an Android I haven’t seen that many. I am now the master of knowledge about good Australian iPhone apps though :)

          • Really depends on what you are after, but allot of the time it feels like the apps are a poor cousin of the iPhone apps. As a lot of apps are replicated on Android rather than the iPhone dev releasing it

  1. Just waiting for the Android version to come out. You might also want to do one on WordPress plugins (little more small business related).

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