AGIMO strategy disappoints Gartner analyst


blog There was a lot to take in in yesterday’s wide-ranging ICT strategy announcement by the Australian Government Information Management Office, and we still haven’t made our way through the entire thing. Howevr, it looks like Gartner analyst Andrea Di Maio has. And he’s not impressed:

“… when I read the draft Australian ICT strategy earlier today I was expecting to find a focus on the future of the workplace, the use of open data as a means for employees to become more effective, and the use of data analytics to gather input and detect patterns from external, non-government communities. But there was nothing about this.”

It gets a little worse:

“It looks like the Australian strategy has gone through a form of compliance exercise, to make sure it does not look any different or any more exciting than those we have seen from other jurisdictions.”

Not having read the full document yet, it’s hard to know what weight to give to Di Maio’s comments. But one thing is for sure — discussion around the document doesn’t exactly appear to be raging. It will be interesting to see what the next few weeks brings.

Image credit: Gabriella Fabbri, royalty free