Mr Turnbull, what is going on here?


A little birdie sent us this video of Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his wife Lucy looking … extremely uncomfortable, while a man who appears to be from the South Korean parliament continually tells them they’re going to be on “YouTube”. We can only assume Turnbull shot this video while in Korea as part of his broadband study tour this week … but we need to ask the question — what the dickens is it all about?


    • My Korean is not so great, but most of it just seems to be a basic introduction. He’s a politician from Australia, his wife used to be mayor of Sydney, etc. There was something about an election or voting or something, but I didn’t quite understand that :-)

      Most telling to me was Mr Turnbull’s comments about “utilizing the private sector”, which is interesting given the huge amount of government intervention from the Korean government in their broadband strategy. It’s not like the private sector isn’t going to build our NBN, either… it’s just funded (partially) by the government – just like Korea’s system.

  1. shhh! Channel 9 might choose to syndicate it… great idea not giving the off screen voice a mike but letting the host have a mic inside his mouth.

    And when did Lucy become a government official?

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