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Hey everyone,

just wanted to do a quick post about a new feature we’ve launched on Delimiter, which will allow you to support the site (help grow our bacon stores) when you buy the tech gear you need in your life.

Delimiter has put a program in place which we’re calling ‘Marketplace’. Basically, we have arranged partnerships with a number of companies that allows them to track when you buy things from their sites after visiting Delimiter.

The way the program works is simple — if you want to sign up for a new broadband plan with iiNet, for example, come to this Marketplace page on Delimiter first, and then click on the ‘iiNet’ link, which will take you to iiNet’s website. Then you just sign up for a plan as normal, and Delimiter will receive a small amount from iiNet in return, which we’ll invest in the site to improve the quality of our articles.

Note: The price of whatever you’re buying won’t change at all because you clicked through from Delimiter. And in fact, we’re also working with some partners to offer deals, discounts and coupons through Marketplace. The amount Delimiter receives varies between vendors — from a fixed fee, to a proportion of your shopping cart. So, for example, if you buy 300 Dell Latitude laptops through Marketplace, we’ll do pretty well ;)

The vendors track you using different web technologies. Some, for example, just track which link you clicked when you came through Delimiter, while others file a cookie with your browser — so it’s probably best if you leave cookies turned on when you’re buying. But there’s nothing sinister about it, and we won’t invade your privacy — we won’t even know what you bought or who you are.

Currently we are working with iiNet, Dell, Vodafone and Amazon. We’re planning to add more companies to the list over the next few months, as well as publishing occasional articles critiquing some of the products our Marketplace partners offer. These articles will be clearly labelled ‘Marketplace’ so that you know they’re not normal editorial. But the vendors will have absolutely no input into our articles — and we’re not going to promote bad quality products just for the sake of it.

If you have any questions or concerns about how Marketplace works, drop us a line. In the meantime, on with the articles!


Publisher, Delimiter

Image credit: Laihiuyeung Ryanne, Creative Commons


    • I just want to reiterate that I never signed up for the bacon lifestyle — it was foisted upon me against my will, and I maintain that bacon is never a valid lifestyle choice.

  1. Cool concept! I’ll definitely be putting all the stuff I buy from Amazon through it

  2. So Delimiter now endorses Vodafail products and services?

    I look forward to the “gone to vodafone!!!! OMG!!!” articles…

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