Barry O’Farrell likes … Windows Phone 7?


Just when you thought New South Wales politics couldn’t get any stranger, along comes this Seven News report of Opposition Leader Barry O’Farrell visiting Microsoft HQ in what looks to be North Ryde to talk about … we’re not quite sure — some sort of $40 million website facelift involving automatic pothole detection and Windows Phone 7?

“It’s starting to be used in Queensland; it needs to be here now,” says O’Farrell, in a fairly cryptic statement. Also in attendance are Microsoft Australia’s new managing director and the company’s local cloud specialist Gianpaolo Carraro, who was also on ZDNet and Allure Media’s TechLines event this morning. Maybe they know what O’Farrell’s talking about.


  1. Windows Phone 7 kicks ass.
    Thateus must be an iTart like most stupid Stevie J followers.

      • So why are you using 2 different usernames? To double your postings for Android? Android will soon become the OS for cheapo mobiles and that matches the experience you get with an android.

        • 2 usernames? Ha. He thinks I’m Thateus.

          I’m not. I was just like saying that the assumption that a user who doesn’t like WP7 must be an “iTart” is bullshit.

          As Michael said, I think the fridge has already been nuked.

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