Photo gallery of the Sydney Googleplex


blog Over at Lifehacker, Angus Kidman has published a photo gallery of Google’s Sydney office in Pyrmont. It’s worth checking out, to see how the other half works. To be honest, we’ve got our reservations about the direction in which Google is heading, but you can’t argue with the company’s perks for its employees … they’re second to none.

Our favourite thing about the Sydney Googleplex is that in one of the open meeting rooms they have next to reception, there is a table and chair set attached upside down to the ceiling. Literally upside down. In addition, all the lamps in the room, and the general decor, gives the impression that you are, impossibly, sitting on the roof. Trippy.

Image credit: Google


  1. I dunno.

    I cant escape it’s true purpose is to make people NOT want to stay in one place too long cause your eyes will start bleeding.

  2. Thanks for the link. A small thing, but I’d describe myself as a journalist. Been working as one since 1994, after all – and Lifehacker is a paid gig for me.

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