Internode snips broadband plan range


National broadband provider Internode today announced it would massively simplify its broadband plans on offer, cutting out 60 of its 78 plans.

The move, Internode said in a statement, was in customers’ interest and would make it easy to choose the most appropriate solution, scrapping plans which were “grandfathered”. The massive cut has been possible through the deployment of two optional packs which respond to customer’s needs.

Internode will now be offering four Easy product lines, which can be supplemented by optional “Power” and “Business” options. For example, for an extra $10 per month, Power will allow faster shaping if the monthly data quota is exceeded, while providing a static IP address and free data uploads; and Business will cost $30 per month and will feature usage-based charging without speed shaping if the monthly cap is exceeded.

Internode product manager Jim Kellett said the optional packs — which can be deployed on one Easy plan at a time — represented an “awesome innovation”.

“This overhaul makes selecting a broadband plan really simple by eliminating the bewildering array of plans that customers had to navigate previously,” he said. “You choose your price, your data quota and your options and then Internode provides the fastest possible broadband service”.

Kellett said current customers would still be able to rely on the previous services replaced by the optional packs – such as all previous Home, SOHO, and Business broadband plans – but couldn’t buy them anymore. “Existing customers can stay on their current plans unless they choose to move to a new plan that better suits their needs.”

According to Internode, since shortly after their launch 18 months ago, the Easy Broadband plans had become the company’s most successful services. The four lines offer a set of different broadband services, ranging in price from $29.95 a month to $129.95. They all give access to unmetered content, up to five email accounts, personal web space, and a dial-up backup account.

Image credit: Marius Muresan, royalty free


    • Which is why the old plans have been “grandfathered”. They don’t force you to migrate the new plans.

      In general however, these plans will repesent an increase in value and simplity for the consumer, however it isn’t unreasonable to expect their to be a minority, such as yourself, who will not get an advantage from the new plans. :)

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