Hire this guy and Delimiter will donate champagne


blog What can we say, either there’s too much donated champagne floating around the Delimiter offices at the moment (more than we could drink, although we’ve given it a fair go) or we’re just in a generous spirit because it’s Christmas time.

Either way, we were impressed by this call for employment by Melbourne senior .NET developer Will Hughes, who we’ve been kicking around with on Twitter for some time now. We commend Hughes to your organisation; he’s got a nimble mind, an impressive resume and he’s an all-round decent guy with a great sense of humour.

And if you hire him, we’ll donate a bottle of Veuve Clicquot (Brut) champers to his hiring party. You can spend your first day together getting drunk; apparently Hughes also makes a mean pizza. Who knew?

Image credit: Craig Toron, royalty free


  1. Ack. Well, that shout-out was totally unexpected.

    Thanks Renai, and Merry Christmas. :)

  2. Will is awesome :-)

    But it’d be nice if you promoted @themolk … he has had employment issues for a while, and is really an awesome geek.

    Also, Renai, please put your pants back on :-)

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