Windows Phone 7 hearts Crownies


video In this video, Telstra hosts a meetup for locals who will be reviewing a Windows Phone 7 handset — specifically, the HTC 7 Mozart — as part of its social review program.

They all seemed like pretty likable people, quite open and friendly. But what we couldn’t quite get over was the amount of Crown Lager in shot. It reminded us of how uncomfortable the constant smoking made us in the Mad Men TV show. Normally we’re in the Telstra Experience Centre for a buttoned-down press conference — drinking in the shot so much just seemed so wrong!

Video credit: Telstra


  1. “It reminded us of how uncomfortable the constant smoking made us in the Mad Men TV show”

    Really? To me that just lent authenticity to the show, given everyone really did smoke back then. Without constant smoking I wouldn’t have believed in the characters half as much. In fact as a smoker I look at those cloudy offices with jealousy! If anything it was the extreme alcoholism that made me uncomfortable.

    As for the Crownies, for starters it looks very much in place and appropriate for a laid back social gathering, but secondly I have to say that Crown lager is among the shittiest beer I have ever tasted, so if anything I felt sorry for those consuming it. A good Tasmanian beer like Boags Premium blows that cat piss away (let the beer flame wars begin… ;) )

    • I agree it showed authenticity, but it made me feel uncomfortable — and that was deliberate — they wanted to show the difference between the way things used to be and today. I don’t think it was inappropriate for people to be drinking at this event — just that I found it weird!

      And I agree, Crownies are a shit beer — I much prefer Coopers myself ;) But then again, I was born in South Australia!

  2. there is NEVER enough bacon!

    Crown Lager? – I didn;t/don’t drink the stuff – so no skin off my nose

    I missed the video cut YEAH – I can remain my anon. little self!

    But besides that, the whole review process has been one big learning experience, from having to be shown HOW to open the box (Yes I know) – to finding out how good the phone performs.

  3. Highlight for me was the dude at the end with a Hockey Night in Canada T-Shirt on! :)

    On a more on-topic note, most of the comments I’ve seen on Twitter using the #telstrawp7 hash tag don’t sound entirely impressed with Windows 7. Should be interesting to see where it heads given the catchup to current domination of iOS and Android in the smart phone space.

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